One Direction Imagines

hii , tthis is my first one , soo please tell me if u like them , feel freee to request, som of the will not be requested not keep this in mind , thank u xoxo<3


15. Niall horan Imagine (not requested)

u had  just had another fight with niall u just cant get enough .

so you decided to tell him ur sorry but surprising him at the rehearsals  u were so excite u entered the building and found louis , he came and greeted u with a hug 

you: hello louis

Louis: hii love what are u doin here ?

you: well i came to surprise niall an tell him i'm sorry cuz i guss im the one who started the fight

Louis: ohh ,okay hes at his dressing room 

You: okay thanks :)

you headed there excited until u opened the door u found niall making out with a blond girl , he saw u and quickly got off her . you: i guss this is what i deserve because i waned to say sorry " you said while tears are running down ur cheek ,you ran out ignoring everything niall is saying , the boys sarted calling but u ignored them too , u got out of the bulding and drove back  to ur home ,    spending a whole week and not getting out of the house although all of them tried contacting u but u turned you phone off,

                 ------------- 2 WEEKS LATER-----------------------------

u wanted to go out of this house to get some fresh air after these miserable days, sat down looking at the floor until u heard ur name being called and 4 boys running over to u ,oh no you said , 

zayn: (Y/N) oh my god ,we are worried sick about u, were have u been

you: i have been crying my eyes out ' you said without looking at anyone

Harry: oh come on, you too'' he said while hugging u

Louis: you know niall have locked himself in the room all weeks and have not got out of their

You:i dont care ' you said coldly '' and dont think of me apologizing to im because im not the one who did the mistake'' u said 

Liam hun u know , i never though h could do that too i mean he a jerk

You:i know,guys i think i have to go , and sorry for the mean attitude

them : okay love , and no its not problem u said

u headed home but when u got there u found the door unlocked ,but u made sure before u left u locked it 

oh my god whos in there!



-Niall's Potato, hello  guys ,this s part one if i get 5  comments about an part two ill make part 2

and the persons will have and SHOUT OUT ! :p byee

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