One Direction Imagines

hii , tthis is my first one , soo please tell me if u like them , feel freee to request, som of the will not be requested not keep this in mind , thank u xoxo<3


6. Niall horan Imagine for Alexis Horan

While u were checking your twitter u got a phone call from ur boyfriend, u smiled and answered

You: hi babe

Your boyfriend : i hate you, i don't want to be your boyfriend ,u suck there s a lot of better girls than u

You:why are u doing this to me, what did i do wrong

Boyfriend: u did nothing but compared to other girls u suck , go pack your stuff and get out of my house before i come from work

bye B****

u started crying so hard,u packed your items and stormed out of your shared house.

you ran and ran and ran until u were lost u didn't know where u are now , u found a little park, u sat on the bench.

you couldn't help but cry until u felt someone sat beside u

boy:Hun u okay?

You:No, life is horrible 

Boy; tell  me maby i can help u

u looked at his face h was so handsome he has blue eyes ,and blonde hair, and he had an irish accent

you: well i was sitting in the house i shared with my boyfriend but he  called me and dumped me in a harsh way,.

you cried and he hug u 

Boy: whats your name love?

you: Alexis

Boy: i'm Niall , do u have any house to stay in ?


NIall: well u can stay at mine if u want,it wont bother me

You: umm okay thanks

after that day u and niall became really close friend until one day he asked u to be his princess , and u happily lived after



it took me alot to write this ,hope ulike it <3

-niall's potato



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