One Direction Imagines

hii , tthis is my first one , soo please tell me if u like them , feel freee to request, som of the will not be requested not keep this in mind , thank u xoxo<3


4. Liam Imagine for Annabeth Potter <3

Today u and Liam decided to go to the pet shop, Liam wanted a Puppy so bad ,

 drove to the pet shop , and entered . the place was filled with  all types of animals . u went down the aisle of puppies looking for a cute and small one , while u were looking for one u saw  Liam coming over with the most cutest puppy you've ever saw

Liam: Ann, looook

You: omg that's so cute

Liam;yeah, what should we call him Hun?

you: i remember once u wanted to call your puppy woody right?

Liam: yess we will call him woody

you:okay lets go buy him

After buying the puppy ,the food ,and other puppy items

u bought him home, first he was afraid of u both,but when he got used he was the most active cutest puppy ever

Hope you like it

-Niall's potato

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