Truly Madly Deeply

Liam Payne and Cora Morrez have been friends since fourth grade. What will happen when they fall for other people? Will they discover their feelings for each other, or lose contact forever?


4. One Chance

Liam's P.O.V.

  "I said GET OUT!! ALL OF YOU!!" Cora screamed through her bedroom door. I stood up and started to sob as I walked away, clutching her bracelet in my hand. I gave this to her as a promise that we would always be friends. I still remember the way she smiled at me when she got it.




 "Hey, Coral," I yelled while running towards her. We were in the Hidden Grove, as we liked to call it in fourth grade. It was a group of apple trees out in the middle of an overgrown field. "I have something for you," I said smiling. "Before you give it to me, LiLi, could you climb up and get me an apple?," she asked with that adorable little smile. I climbed up into the tree and found the perfect apple. I picked it and jumped down, handing it to her. "So what do you have for me, LiLi?" I pulled the bracelet out of my pocket, keeping it hidden in my fist. It was handmade by my grandmother, with intricate twists of green and blue. Cora's favorite colors. I called her Coral because of all the green and blue coral she had in her room. "Coral, you know I would never hurt you, right?," I started. She nodded for me to continue. "Well, I got my Grammi to make you this. It's a friendship bracelet. I want you to wear it and never take it off. Only if we aren't friends anymore. It's kinda like a promise bracelet. Do you like it?" She took the bracelet from my hand, beaming. She lifted the leg of her jeans and clasped it onto her ankle. "I love it," She stated. I wrapped her in a tight hug. "I love you, Coral." "I love you, too, LiLi."


 *End of Flashback*


 Thinking of that day only made me sob harder as I walked down the stairs. The boys looked at my tear stained face, then down at my hand, which clutched the bracelet tightly. I had told the boys the story of it before I let them meet Cora. They instantly stood up, consuming me in a group hug. Then my phone started to ring. It was Uncle Simon.


(Uncle Simon)


 "Hello?" *sniff*

 "Hello, Liam! I just thought I should tell you I've moved your departure to six a.m. tomorrow morning."

 "Thanks for" *sniff* "telling us" *sniff* "Uncle Simon."

  *End of conversation*


 Zayn kept his arm around my shoulders as we walked out of the door. As it slammed behind us, I couldn't help but think, there went my one chance to make her mine. As we got into Louis' car and drove away, I watched her house fade into the distance. "I'll always love you, Coral," I said. "Always." I then drifted off into a worried, fear riddled sleep.






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