Truly Madly Deeply

Liam Payne and Cora Morrez have been friends since fourth grade. What will happen when they fall for other people? Will they discover their feelings for each other, or lose contact forever?


5. News

*2 months later*

 Normal P.O.V.

 It had been two months. Two months since the kiss. Two months since I ended my friendship with Liam. In all the pictures or videos I saw, he looked so depressed. It tore me apart, knowing I had done that to him. That was it. I called him. It rang three times, before he picked up.



 "Cora?! Is it you? Tell me it's you!" *sniff*

"Yes, LiLi. It's me. I 'want you back'" *giggle*

 "Really? Thank you so much, Coral! You don't know how much I missed you!"

"I missed you too. I wish I could see you." *sigh*

 "Uh, about that, I have a surprise. Go downstairs"

 *End of Convo*

 I walked downstairs, opened my door, and saw............

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