Truly Madly Deeply

Liam Payne and Cora Morrez have been friends since fourth grade. What will happen when they fall for other people? Will they discover their feelings for each other, or lose contact forever?


2. Fun In The Sun

 "Liam. Put. Woody. Down," I said shortly. He gave me a small pouty face before removing my doll from his grasp, and replacing him with me. "As long as I get to hug you," He said greedily. I snuggled deeper into his chest, inhaling the scent of his shirt. A violent knock on the door broke us apart. Liam went to answer it, and I could tell by his disgusted face that it was my boyfriend, Brandon. I quickly pulled on my jacket and gave Liam a quick peck on the cheek. I felt a shock, but it couldn't mean anything. Probably just static electricity from his flannel shirt. As I walked out the door, I saw Liam's girlfriend, Casey. Ugh, I hate her sooooooooo much. Plus, every time she came around, Liam never smiled, and Brandon was drooling over her like a dog over a bone. Brandon grabbed my arm and practically dragged me to his car. "You left me waiting for 3 minutes, and then your 'friend' opened the door. I am not happy with you right now," He said with a violent look on his face. "In fact, I was much happier with Casey last weekend." I realized what he was saying and punched him in the face. "Finally! A reason to leave you," I yelled excitedly. Then I remembered Liam and Casey were in the house. Running up the steps, I threw open the door to see Casey shirtless, and Liam, poor Liam was shielding his eyes. "Yo, Casey. Why don't you go 'play' with Brandon again," I said, anger making my blood boil. "Well," She said, "He did give me what I wanted." And with that, she walked out of the house. I ran over to Liam, and brought him to his feet. Setting him on the couch, I went and grabbed a pint of vanilla ice cream and two forks. No, I'm not very fond of spoons, just like Liam. We sat there talking and my phone began to ring. I looked and saw it was Brandon, so Ihit the button that said block caller. "Hey, Cora," Liam said sneakily. "Look at me." I did, and felt a cold stickiness on the left side of my face. "LIAM!" "Okay, I'll clean it off," He amended. "Close your eyes." Once my eyes were closed, I felt him move closer to me. But instead of a wet rag being pressed against my face, it was Liam's tongue. "Liam Payne. Are you licking the ice cream off my face," I asked him, trying not to giggle as he continued. "Mhmm," He mumbled. After a few moments, there was only ice cream left on my lips. My eyes had remained closed this entire time. Liam's hand went behind my head, cradling it, and suddenly, I felt something soft and warm against my lips. He was kissing me. My best friend, THE Liam Payne, was kissing me. And I was kissing him back. He smiled into the kiss, and put his other hand on my waist, while mine went around his neck. He slowly leaned forward so that he was over me on the couch, my back pressing against the cushions. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and..............

"Well, it's about time!"



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