Truly Madly Deeply

Liam Payne and Cora Morrez have been friends since fourth grade. What will happen when they fall for other people? Will they discover their feelings for each other, or lose contact forever?


11. Chapter 10 (It's like 12:01 a.m., so I can't think of a title)

 *Narrator's P.O.V.*

 As the months went past, Cora found herself thinking less and less about Liam. She got a boyfriend, got a job, basically moved on with her life. Liam, however, was a completely different story. Every once and a while, something would remind him of his Coral. Pretty soon, everything reminded him of her. He was in a state of depression so deep, no one could get him to talk. He went without talking for three months, before he lost it. He tore apart his home in a heartbroken frenzy. This is where our story continues.



 *Liam's P.O.V.*

 "Why!?," I cried as I ripped pictures off the wall. I went through every room of my house, destroying all in my path. I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. "Why?," I whispered, resting my head in my arms, as I let out loud sobs. The front door was thrown open, but I didn't care to look up. I was to busy weeping. "Hey, budd-, woah," Niall said, taking in the carnage around him. "What happened here?" He walked into the kitchen and spotted me, instantly running to my side. "C'mon Liam," he coaxed. "Tell me what happened." "Her," was all I could get out over the loud sobs racking my body. He sighed. "Simon is gonna kill you," he stated simply. "I mean, you 'broke up' with Danielle in front of the paps, you didn't talk or sing for three months, and now you go and cause millions worth of damage to your own house." Ya, I broke up with Dani. I just can't stand her. Once she caused me to break Cora's heart, I hated her. "Go get 'er back, mate," I heard a husky voice say from the doorway. It was Harry. "You know you want to." At that, I stood up, grabbed my keys, and ran to my car. Time for some major apologizing.


 *Cora's P.O.V.*

 "Hey, babe," my boyfriend, Dusty, slurred. Drunk. Again. Another party at my house. This was just a normal Friday night. I strode away from Dusty and outside to get away from the smoke and sweaty bodies. I sat on the curb and looked at the sky. My eyes instinctively found Jupiter, and I instantly regretted it. That was mine and Liam's planet. Tears started to leak down my face. I missed him. A car pulled up, about a block from the house. I knew that car. What was he doing here? He got out of his car and made a beeline towards me. He lifted me up and spun me around, and I buried my face in his neck. I had told myself I wouldn't forgive him. But after him calling and explaining it through numerous texts, I knew I had to."LiLi," I murmured, clutching him closer to me. "Coral." I suddenly heard a door slam. Crap. Dusty! "Hey, get off my girl," said a drunken Dusty. "Coral, get behind me," Liam said in a serious tone. He was trying to protect me. "LiLi, it's just my boyfriend, Dusty." Liam's eyes grew wide. "This jerk is your boyfriend?" I nodded. "Coral, you don't know who he is. Later tonight, if he gets you alone, h-he'll hurt you," he said. He had stuttered. He only stutters when he is worried or angry or scared. I nodded and clutch onto his arm. "I said, get off my girl!," Dusty bellowed across the yard. All the 'guests' were gathering around us now. "I don't think so, Dustan," Liam said. "Ah, Liam Payne. Come to play hero?" Before I could register Dusty's comment, his fist had collided with Liam's face. "No!! GET OUT!! EVERYONE!! BEFORE I CALL TH POLICE!!," I screamed frantically, and everyone left but Dustan. "C'mon, babe," he said grabbing my hand. "Let's leave the loser here." "No. You leave," I said. "We. Are. Over." And with that, I shoved him out the door. I ran back outside and helped Liam onto the couch. "Let's get you cleaned up," I said, and set to work, cleaning the blood and dirt off his face.

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