Truly Madly Deeply

Liam Payne and Cora Morrez have been friends since fourth grade. What will happen when they fall for other people? Will they discover their feelings for each other, or lose contact forever?


3. Awkward

"Well, it's about time," a husky British voice said. Liam and I immediately jumped apart, blushing like mad. I look up to see his bandmates, all standing there looking anywhere but us. As the awkward silence dragged on, Louis suddenly yelled, "Justin Bieber was born!!" I grabbed a pillow off the couch and chucked it at him, effectively hitting him in the face. " That was offensive Mr. Tomlinson," I stated. I loved Justin's music, so I hated it when people stuff like that. "Calm down, love," Zayn whispered in my ear. I stole a glance at Liam, and he wouldn't look at me. "So, mate," Niall said hesitantly. "I guess you told her then." "Told me what," I questioned. "That we are leaving for our Take Me Home tour in three days," Harry told me. I saw Liam giving the boys death glares out of the corner of my eye. I could feel the tears coming on as I ran up the stairs into my room, locking the door behind me. I collapsed onto my bed and let out a loud sob. "Coral, Coral, listen. I'm sorry okay," Liam said, thinking his nickname would make me forgive him. "No, Liam. You listen. This is the second time you've done this," I cried. "This time you decided to make it hurt more by kissing me, and then just leaving me here, without calling or texting. I just don't understand you lately." Liam gasped, making me sob harder. I slowly got up, and unclasped a friendship bracelet from around my ankle. Liam had given it to me back when we first met, and told me not to take it off unless we weren't friends anymore. We had finally reached that breaking point in our friendship. I slid it under the door, and heard his breath catch in his throat. "No, Coral. You can't mean-" "Don't call me Coral, Liam. I won't call you LiLi. Now, please, get out of my house," I said through my tears. "Bu-" Liam cried before I cut him off again. "I said GET OUT!! ALL OF YOU!!" I screamed at my door. I heard Liam sobbing as he walked away, and that sound tore me into a thousand little pieces. I fell to the floor, and cried my eyes out until I heard my front door slam. "LiLi, comeback," I whispered into the blue carpet. "LiLi, I miss you."

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