My Bully Harry Styles

In high school Lola was bullied by everyone but most of all......Harry Styles he would call you bad names like: Bitch,Ugly,Fat,Whore


2. No harry anymore.......YES!!!!!!!!

3 weeks later
Lola's pov
I go to my locker and get books and got scared when someone taped my shoulder and thinking it was I said "c-can you n-not make me bleed right now it the beginning of the day so make it fast H-Harry" I turn around and see Zoe,most popurlar girl in school, (she aways tried to be nice to me)
"Hi Lola"she said sweetly
"Um...hi Zoe"I said with a confused look on my face
"Do you maybe..oh I don't know hang today?"
*sigh* "I know harry put up to this"
"No he didn't he left to go on X-factor"
I thought to myself : No more Harry.........YES!!!!!!!!!
"So do you wanna hang or not?" Zoe said
"Yes, thank you Zoe"
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