My Bully Harry Styles

In high school Lola was bullied by everyone but most of all......Harry Styles he would call you bad names like: Bitch,Ugly,Fat,Whore


1. High School

Your walking to your locker when Harry makes you drop your book
"Oops sorry fat ass"
"Harry just leave me alone!"
"What did you say to me!!" He pins you to your locker

You push him away and run
Harry runs after you with Zack and Tyler (he doesn't know Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall)
"Stop running bitch!!!!"
Your run up the tree
"Come down NOW!!!!!"
You take in a deep breath and get down

Harry beats you up. You have bloody nose glasses are broken cloths have blood on it your arm has bruises
"Maybe that will teach you a lesson on giving me lip! See you tomorrow bitch."
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