The haunted house

some friends Trying to escape their stressful lives and spend halloween in a haunted house to have fun once in a while but they will be fighting for their lives.


3. Inside of the creepy house

While we were walking into the house we noticed that someone is missing..Louis..‘’GUYS WHERE IS LOUIS ??’’ Danielle asked with a very anxious voice

‘’LOUIIIIIIIS !!!’’ Liam Shouted
i heard footsteps and i felt there is a figure right behind me..My heart started to race and i was really scared..
Suddenly someone or something grabbed me from behind
‘’AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! HEEEELP !!’’ i screamed as loud as i can
‘’BOOO !!’’ Louis shouted in my ear
Everyone freaked out and louis started laughing
‘’ ahahaha you guys are such chickens omg ! ‘’ Louis saiid laughing hardly
‘’ARE YOU  INSANE ?? YOU FREKEAD THE SHIT OUT OF ME LOUIS !!’’ I yelled while i was shaking in Niall’s arms
‘’It’s okay everything is okay now’’ Harry whispered
‘’It’s okay babe,you know louis always messing around’’ Niall said quietly and squeezed me in his arms
‘’thanks..’’ i wishpered
We walked into the living room and sat down on the old sofa ..
‘’Guys..why do i feel like someone watching me’’ Sarrah mumbled,looking around the huge creepy house nervously
Zayn hugged her and said quitly ‘’It’s probably just your imagination babe’’
*few hours later* .....


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