Through the flashing lights, the screaming fans, and the non-stop flow of money, Elizabeth Bronks feels like something is missing. It all goes back to when she was in college. It's not that people didn't like her. It's that one boy in particular didn't like her. The exceedingly popular and handsome Zayn Malik had it out for Liz from day one. Liz spent her teenage years depressed and alone, all thanks to Zayn and his cold heart. And now that she was on top of the world, she would do whatever it took to get what she's always wanted: revenge.


4. Changes

Zayn's POV

 I hated myself for everything I put her through. I hated the fact that I was so mean to her brother, that I was so mean to her. I don't really understand what caused me to become like this. Maybe it all just went to my head. I thought once I tried out for the X-Factor that I would escape it all, but here she was, sleeping in Louis' guest room. I couldn't help myself but be intrigued by her. I couldn't help but want to prove to her that I was better than who I used to be. But I had already blown it at lunch the day before. And it seemed as though Harry had swooped in just at the right time. Typical. I didn't really understand why I cared so much. I had a beautiful girlfriend who loved me very much. I just needed to decide if I loved her the same amount. 

"Good morning." Elizabeth yawned as she walked into Louis and Harry's tv room. We had all come over earlier that morning for breakfast. 

"Erhm, Liz, It's 2 in the afternoon." Harry moved over on the couch, making space for her. She walked over and sat down beside him, clearly making herself comfortable. I ignored the pang in my chest. What the hell was wrong with me?

"Whoops!" She giggled as Harry slung his arm around her. 

"I'm sorry." He pulled her in close, as she pressed her cheek to his chest. Her face fell immediately, and a tear fell down her face. My heart stopped. The last time I had seen Liz cry was at her brothers funeral. That day was the worst day of my life. I knew I had stepped over the line when I had said those things about him, but now he was dead? I knew she blamed me. not directly, but I knew she would always hate me for the things I had said. But I was just a boy, afraid of this beautiful girl. She intimidated me and I didn't know how to handle it. But now I was a man, and I could handle her, couldn't I? I had to stop myself. What was I thinking? I had a girlfriend!

"Liz, shhhh." Harry pulled her closer to him, cradling her in his arms. I felt the familiar twinge of jealousy tightening in my stomach.  

"God I never cry. The last time I cried..." Her voice hiccuped and her eyes trailed over to mine. I felt the shame hit me instantly. I stood up quickly from my seat, pulling her away from Harry and taking her into my arms. 

"Shit Lizzy, I'm sorry." I whispered. "I was a jerk and you didn't deserve any of it. You're much better than I ever let you believe, and I truly regret the way I acted. But you have to believe me when I say I've changed. And this bloke who cheated on you? He's not even near worth it. You're better than him. Better than us all." I rubbed her back as she looked at me shocked, before her face turned into a look of pure disgust.

"Your'e right, I AM better than you. And don't call me Lizzy. Only Max got to call me that." And with that she got up, storming out of the house and into the flood of paparazzi. 





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