Through the flashing lights, the screaming fans, and the non-stop flow of money, Elizabeth Bronks feels like something is missing. It all goes back to when she was in college. It's not that people didn't like her. It's that one boy in particular didn't like her. The exceedingly popular and handsome Zayn Malik had it out for Liz from day one. Liz spent her teenage years depressed and alone, all thanks to Zayn and his cold heart. And now that she was on top of the world, she would do whatever it took to get what she's always wanted: revenge.


2. A Day In the Life of Elizabeth Bronks

Elizabeth's POV

I woke up in my bed with tears running down my face. I rolled over to see an empty space next to me, the covers ruffled, the pillow no longer cold where his head was resting. The memories of what I was dreaming of flashed through my mind. Max. Zayn. Me. It was something I couldn't forget. I couldn't put it past me. 5 years later, at the age of 20, I still blamed Zayn for everything. 

"Hey babe, you're finally awake! I went to the gym." I sat up, rubbing my eyes vigorously to see my on and off again boyfriend Sam. Sam had started our at my assistants assistant. I don't think either of us had feelings for each other. We just needed someone to hold us from time to time. And it did help boost his career when it came out that he was shagging the world famous Elizabeth Bronks. Everyone claimed that he was using me, but to be honest, I didn't care, because I was using him just the same. Everyone has those weak moments when you're lying in bed and the only thing you want is to be held, and to have someone make you feel beautiful. Well that's what Sam did for me. And it's not like he was bad in bed either. 

"Good morning." I laced my fingers through his hair, breathing in his musky scent, kissing him on the lips. He kissed me back, softly, the pulled away. 

"Wanna go out for breakfast?" I nodded, getting up and throwing on a stripped shirt, black jeans, toms, and a comfy hoodie. Sam stayed in his work out shorts, but changed into a less sweaty shirt. We were staying in my flat in London. I grabbed my purse and dragged Sam out the door, locking it behind me. As soon as we walked onto the main road there were paprazzi everywhere. 

"Elizabeth! Is it true that this is all a publicity stunt?"

"Did you really go to school with Zayn Malik?"

"Do you think Zayn actually cheated on Perrie?" I rolled my eyes. I had been asked these questions so many times it was getting annoying. I guess the only way to stop them was to answer them. I stopped walking, still holding Sam's hand, and turned to the paparazzi. Sam raised his eyebrow, but I just nodded at him, my face grim. 

"First of all, no, this is not a publicity stunt. If I didn't like Sam, I don't think I could have spent the past year with him. Next, yes, I did go to school with Zayn. But you all knew that seeing as people found our old yearbooks. And last, I have no idea. I only know the Zayn from college. And he was a lot of things, but I don't think he was unfaithful." As I turned away, letting the paparazzi write down everything and talk into their camera's, I thought they were done. 

"What did you mean he was a lot of things?" A reporter called out. But I just kept walking. It kind of irked me that people were so involved in my life. I didn't do publicity stunts. Most celebrities didn't, unless they were D list stars in desperate hopes of a comeback, but people usually saw right through them. And how come even though I hadn't seen Zayn in over 3 years, and had no contact with each other what-so-ever, people were meddling in our lives, saying we should be together. Yeah right, like I would ever date the asshole who ruined my life. And as for Sam, yes I loved him, but as a best friend. The other part of our relationship was purely physical. When we arrived at the brunch restaurant, the front desk gave me a weird look, as if to say 'why are you here?'.

"Reservation for Bronks." I approached the perky blonde (and by perky, I didn't mean her personality).

"I'm sorry Miss Bronks, but there seems to have been a mix up. The person who made your reservation must have given you the wrong time. Mr Syles is to be seated at 12, and you are for 1:30. Can we seat you in the lounge though?" I turned around to see five faces smiling stupidly at me. Well, actually four faces, and one scowling. My heart stopped when I realized it was One Direction smiling back at me. And trust me, I wasn't nervous because I was fan girling. I turned back around to the girl, livid. 

"No, you can cancel our reservation. You may tell the owner that we will never be back." I turned around, but Sam stopped me.

"No, Liz, we can just come back at 1:30. This is my favorite restaurant in London." He drawled in his sweet southern accent. I grinned, Americans were so cute. I sighed. 

"But you have your appointment at 1, Sam." I pointed out, and his face fell. "We can come back another time." I promised him. 

"How about you join us?" I turned around again to be greeted with Harry Styles dimpled face and wild curls. Sam pulled me in his arms. 

"I think that's a great idea Liz. Maybe then you can sort out your problems with 'you-know-who'. I should get going and get ready for my meeting anyways." He ran his fingers through his blonde hair. He was right, he needed to clean up for this meeting, he still looked like he had just rolled out of bed. Not that I minded. He looked pretty sexy. But i scowled. I should have never told Sam about what happened with Zayn and Max. But it was too late, in an instant, Sam had made his way out the door, and there were 5 pairs of eyes looking hopelessly at me. 

"Fine. But don't expect me to talk to Malik." I shot him a look and he just rolled his eyes. 

"You can't keep blaming other people for your problems, Elizabeth." I looked at him in disbelief. 

"Oh! I'm sorry! I don't think I would have had any problems if a certain someone hadn't made my nickname 'loser' back in college!" He really knew how to push my buttons. The other boys looked at Zayn in surprise, I guess they didn't know his dark side. 

"Zayn! How could you call this beautiful girl a loser?" Harry was now by my side. I put my hand on his arm, calming him down. The last thing I needed was to be the cause of a boy band fight. I didn't need crazy 12 year olds death tweeting me.

"That's not even the worst part." I mumbled under my breath. Harry raised an eyebrow, but the hostess had come to take us to our table. Soon enough, I was sitting in a booth in between Harry and Liam. And right across from Zayn. Great. As our courses came to the table, I couldn't stop myself from stuffing my face. I was starved. And it wasn't my fault that the food here was so good. 

'Woah, better slow down there, piggy." I looked up and Zayn was smirking at me. Jerk. I had become immune to weight problems. My nutritionist had trained me to stop thinking about what others had to say about my weight. If I dropped anymore weight it would be unhealthy, I was already at the perfect weight for my height. 

"Actually," Harry interrupted, "I was going to say, that for such a petite girl, you sure can eat. I respect that." He nodded at me, taking in my tight jeans and slimming shirt. He winked at me. I stopped. Was Harry Styles interested in me? I looked at Zayn through my peripheral vision and noticed a look of jealousy flash over his chiseled features. Wasn't he supposed to have a girlfriend? He was probably just mad because I was the only girl who had never thrown myself at his feet. I rolled my eyes, and kept focusing my attention on Zayn, noticing his growing anger. This was going to be fun. Once we were done, Harry covered the check. I kissed him on the cheek in thanks, watching his cheeks grow red. As we made our way out of the restaurant, the paparazzi were all over us, so excited to see that I was hanging out with One Direction, and specifically, Zayn Malik. 

"Elizabeth! Over here!"

"Zayn can you pose with Liz?" 

"Liz why are you so close to Harry? Where is Sam?" 

"Zayn, did you know that Elizabeth defended you honor this morning?" I froze at the last comment, Zayn turning to me, an amused expression on his face. 

"They asked me if they thought you cheated on Perrie. All I said was that you are a lot of things, but I didn't think unfaithful was one of them." His expression softened and he gave me an apologetic look. 

"Thank you." And then he turned away. 

Zayn's POV

I didn't know what was up with me. I knew that I should have been at Perrie's doorstep, begging for her back. I was going to after brunch, but then Liz showed up. She looked even better than the day I first met her. Not that I would ever tell her that. But then she was with her boyfriend, and now she's flirting with Harry. I guess people change. But then when we were walking out of the restaurant I found out what she had said about me. Maybe she didn't hate me so much after all. I honestly felt bad for the way I had treated her, especially her brother. I knew I was an asshole, and I never expected her to forgive me, but I just wish she could see the real me. 

"Uh, I should probably get home." She turned to Harry, thanking him again for the meal. 

"Ehrm, you're probably not going to get anywhere with all of these guys following you around. Do you want a ride?" Harry offered. Damn it, I should of thought of that. She beamed at him, accepting his offer. And I watched as their retreating backs taunted me.

Elizabeth's POV

I climbed up into Harry's big SUV. He was actually quite cute, and extremely charming. I think it was his smile that I liked the most though. It seemed so genuine. I knew I should probably stay away from him, or Taylor Swift would have my head. Didn't even know the girl, but she seemed quite obsessed with Harry, even though he had clearly moved on. I could see why she was so taken with him though. 

"Do you want to come in for a cuppa?" I turned to him as he pulled up to my drive way. He smiled at me, nodding, throwing in the car into park. 

"Come on in." I opened the door, looking around. Sam's clothes from earlier on were strewn across the floor. I looked to my watch. 1:30, he should still be out. I sighed, picking up his clothes. 

"Sorry, Sam's a mess." 

"Nah, I'm sure I'm worse." He smiled at me. I heard a bump coming from the bedroom and I whipped my head around. What the hell? I quickly dashed to the bedroom, opening the door. 

"LIZ! This is not what it looks like!" He stood up, pulling himself off the half dressed woman beneath him. Oh wow, this was awkward. Harry emerged from behind me. 

"CAROLINE?!" I knew from the tabs that Harry and Caroline had dated, and he had just spent part of his birthday with her. This was not good. 

"Get the fuck out of my house, Sam." I pointed to the door. He came up to me, pulling me into his arms, but I pushed him away, spitting in his face. 

"Liz, please." He pleaded, he knew that after this, his life would be over. So much for best friends. 

"She said, get out." Harry pushed Sam away, and through the bedroom door. 

"And you? Leave. Don't take the time to get dressed. Just leave. This is private property. Sam get out before I need to call the police." But Sam was livid because Harry had pushed him. Sam got up off the ground, making his way to Harry, but Harry was too quick.

"GET OUT." Harry punched Sam in the jaw. 

Harry's POV

I wasn't really a violent person. But after Zayn was such a jerk to her, after the paparazzi, and now seeing Sam in bed with Caroline, in Elizabeth's own house, I felt the need to protect her. After I punched Sam in the face, he backed off. Liz picked up a pile of his clothes, making her way to the door, flinging it open, and threw it out of her house. 

"NOW I SAID GET OUT!" She pushed him out, him still in his boxer briefs. She didn't even notice the crowds of people with camera's snapping pictures, their bright lights illuminating her angry features.I came up behind her and pulled her back in, I knew there would be a picture of that in the papers tomorrow, but I didn't care. As Caroline huffed her way out of the house, I slammed the door shut. 

"Thank you." She whispered, tears falling down her delicate little face. I could stand seeing her sad brown eyes. I took in her appearance. Her long, silky black hair, tiny waist, and endless legs. How could a guy cheat on her? She was also loads of fun, and well, she just seemed so real. People like her were hard to find in our business. I watched as she made her way to the kitchen to get my ice for my hand. And she had a nice butt. 

"I don't know what got into me. I don't usually punch people. But I wanted to defend you." I looked into her eyes, pushing a lock of hair out of her face. She took my hand, and pressed the ice to it, making me flinch. 

"You're my knight in shining armor." She smirked at me. 

Elizabeth's POV

"Wanna get out of here?" I stood up, brushing the melted ice off of my pants. We had been sitting there for an hour, watching television. Harry stood up and nodded. We made his way back to his car, and he drove me to a flat. 

"Welcome home!" He opened the door, his dimples reappearing on his face. I walked in only to be greeted by Zayn Malik's intense stare. Where were we?

"This is my flat!" Louis jumped up, seeing the confused expression on his face. Suddenly my phone buzzed. 

"What the hell happened? Turn on TMZ!" My manager, Ruth. I rushed to the remote control, ignoring their questions. 

"This just in! An extremely angry Elizabeth Bronks was seen throwing Sam Jones, her ex employee, and boyfriend of a year out of her London house. And who was following behind the boxer brief wearing Sam? The one and only Caroline Flack, who was also lacking material on her body. I guess Liz came home at the wrong time. The best part of this all though, was Harry Styles pulling Elizabeth back into the house, and slamming the door. If we enlarge the picture here, we can see his hand is bruising, and you can clearly see the bruise on poor Sam's face. Would hate to be him. Not just because Harry gave it to him, but because the whole world is now going to know him as the jerk who cheated on the worlds most loved singer/songwriter, with Harry Styles cougar." I watched in disbelief as they played a video of me throwing Sam's things out the door, a shouting something. Harry came up behind me, attempting to grab the remote from my hand. 

"Liz, let go." I looked down and noticed that my knuckles were turning white with how tightly I was clutching to the remote. My bad. I released it, and Harry grabbed it, turning off the tv, filling the room with silence. 

"I'm sorry, Lizzy." I looked up to see Zayn staring at me with pity in his eyes. 

"Don't call me that! Only Max called me that!" I screamed at him. I didn't need pity from anyone, least of all Zayn Malik. Zayn recoiled at the mention of Max's name. I knew he still felt guilty for the things he had said. I just turned away, stalking away to find the bathroom. I turned on the tap and splashed my face with water. This was a mess. 

"Elizabeth?" I heard a knock at the door. "If you want, you can go rest in the guest room." Louis called through the thin bathroom door. I opened it, smiling at him, following him to the room, and laying down. As soon as I heard the door click shut behind him, I closed my eyes, losing myself in the memories of that days events.


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