Through the flashing lights, the screaming fans, and the non-stop flow of money, Elizabeth Bronks feels like something is missing. It all goes back to when she was in college. It's not that people didn't like her. It's that one boy in particular didn't like her. The exceedingly popular and handsome Zayn Malik had it out for Liz from day one. Liz spent her teenage years depressed and alone, all thanks to Zayn and his cold heart. And now that she was on top of the world, she would do whatever it took to get what she's always wanted: revenge.


1. From Day One

Elizabeth's POV

I remember that day like it way yesterday. Maybe it's because I relived it every night in my dreams. It haunted me. At first, his honey eyes had me captivated. I didn't know I was going to hate him. I walked through those halls quickly. I was nervous. I was 15 years old and terrified at the idea of starting over in a new school. My parents had moved out of the city of London and to Bradford. The wouldn't tell me why, but they thought it would be a nice change for me, to get me out of the hustle of London. They tore me away from my friends, in hopes that I would take my grades more seriously. I didn't blame them. But I was young and stupid. 

"Hey! Watch where you're going, loser." My books were knocked to the ground as I bumped into someone's strong chest. I looked up to see a boy with gorgeous eyes, and a very strong jaw line for someone who looked to be about the same age as me. For a second I got lost in his honey colored eyes, until they turned cold, and scared me. 

"I'm sorry. I was lost, and look--" The words rushed out of my mouth.

"I don't care what you were doing." He cut me off, "How come I don't know you? You must me new. Well new girl, I don't like you." He smirked at me confidently, like he was expecting me to get on my knees and grovel for his approval. I just scoffed. Right. If this was back in London, he'd be the one begging for me. 

"Woah, Zayn, ease off mate." A kid with blue eyes and black hair appeared by who I assumed to be Zayn. 

"Excuse me?" Zayn turned and glared at the boy, his eyes hard. The boy shrank back, like a dog being called off by his alpha. I guess I knew how things worked around this school. I reached down and went to pick up my books. I reached for the last one, before a foot kicked it away. 

"Better luck next time." I heard that stupid voice scoff before stalking away, a sudden posse of people crowding behind him. I watched as Zayn slung his arm around a bubbly blonde girl and rolled my eyes. This was a cruel world, I guess you had to play by the rules to belong in it. 


That night, I lay on my brother, Max's floor complaining about my day's events. 

"If you want, I can beat him up for you." Max leaned over in his bed, he was completely serious. I sat up, leaning my weight on my forearms, raising an eyebrow. I took in my brothers small frame and bald head. Yes, he was 17 and two years older than me, but he could have passed for 2 years younger than me. Max was born with Down Syndrome. It was hard to deal with sometimes, but he had a heart of pure gold. Well, I wish it was. When Max was 12 he had to have open heart surgery in hopes of solving his weak heart. So far it seemed to be working, but we had to keep a close eye on him just in case. 

"No, Maxy, don't worry. I can take care of myself. But I'll let you know, okay?" I had to talk him down. He hated feeling like he couldn't help. I gave him the hope that maybe one day he'd be able to protect his little sister in the way the most older brothers were able to do. 


I had been at the school for 2 months, and things didn't improve. If anything, they got worse. Zayn put me down every single chance that he got. 

"Hey loser, going home to your retarded brother?" I heard footsteps behind me as I exited the school. I turned around to find Zayn and 4 boys names Henry, Tad, Zach, and Pat, and of course his perky blonde girlfriend, Samantha. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. 

"Hey! Lizzy! Liz!" I looked up to see Max standing at the curb, waiting for me. 

"Max?" I rushed over to him, "what are you doing here? Mom and dad let you come here by yourself?" I pulled him into my arms. I didn't want him to hear any of the negative things Zayn had to say about him. 

"Hey Liz!" I looked across the street to see Zayn and his friends mocking Max's ecstatic waving, laughing their ugly heads off. 

"You know Malik, for someone with such a big head, you've got such a small mind." I shouted across to him. 

"Coming from the one who's brother is dumber than a peanut. What a waste of space." I tightened my grip around Max, pulling him away. 

"Come on Max, let's go." I took his hand and dragged him down the street. I couldn't comprehend how someone could be so cruel. I didn't do anything to Zayn, yet he decided to be a complete and total asshole to me. And what made even less sense to me is how he could be so mean to my brother. He didn't even know him. It took a weak person to pick on someone so helpless. When we got to the end of the street Max sat down, refusing to move. 

"Lizzy!" Tears were falling down his face, "'I'm a waste of space. Dumb! DUMB! DUUUMMBBBBB!" He started screaming, hitting himself in the head. I knelt down beside him, grabbing his wrists, preventing him from hitting himself and pulled him to me.

"No, Maxy." I looked him deep in his small, yet beautiful hazel eyes, "you are perfect just the way you are. You are the most loving, beautiful, intelligent person that I know. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, okay? The only reason why people would say such bad things about you are because they don't understand you. They don't understand how special you are. They are jealous of how much love you give every day, and that that love isn't going to them. Do you understand me?" I tear escaped from my eye, and I choked back a sob. 

"No, no Lizzy, please don't cry. I no dumb. I'm loving, beautiful and intelligent, just like you say. I love you, Lizzy." His small arms tightened their grip around my neck, nuzzing him close to me. I felt his salty tears soak into my shirt. 

"I'm sorry." I looked up to find Zayn standing in front of me, holding his hand out, offering to help me up. Across the street his friends were watching, their eyebrows raised in surprise. I stood up on my own, Max following suit. 

"No, no you're really not Zayn Malik. I hope you see what you've done. You're a selfish, cruel asshole. But you know what? I hope you get everything you want in life, because I know it will lead you far away from me." I turned on my heel, still gripping Max's hand, pulling him all the way home. 


We lost Max 4 months later. One minute he was helping me make pancakes for my parents, the next he was on the floor and I was screaming out his name. 

"HELP! Mom! Dad! Help! I don't understand what happened!" I tilted Max's head back, opening his airways, blowing a breath into his lunges and then began compressions.

"Why isn't it working?!" I shrieked out. I kept pressing on his lifeless body as I felt arms grip me from behind pulling me away. I sobbed into my dad's chest as my mom called an ambulance. 

"Shhhhhh, baby," my dad's voice trying to comfort me, "you did all you could. You did everything you could. It's okay." I heard him choking back his own sobs. 

"Max.... No, Max. Please Maxy, please don't leave me." My body grew limp in my dad's arms. I had been trained for this moment since I was 10 years old. I was supposed to know how to keep him alive until help arrived. I had failed him. 

"I'm so sorry Maxy." I whispered, falling into the control of my sobs. 

His funeral was two days later. I think the whole town showed up. Even Zayn and his pack of goons. I couldn't really take it. I just sat in my seat, my face contorted, trying to hold back my sobs. As we stood at the front of the church everyone came to wish us their condolences. 

"I'm sorry, Elizabeth. He seemed like a good kid." Zayn embraced me, his mom trailing behind him.

"A good kid?" I hissed through my lips, "because of you, my brother died thinking he was a waste of space. This is your fault." He took a step back, his worried eyes turning into a grimace. 

"I was just trying to be nice." He growled under his breath.

"Well don't. You're not a very good actor, Malik." I turned on my heel, running. I just kept running, not really knowing where I was going. But I couldn't stop, even as my sobs burned my lungs. When I finally stopped I looked around, noticing I was back at that very street corner. I swear I sat there all night. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to me. What was I going to do with out my Max? All I knew that this was all Zayn Malik's fault and I would never forgive him. 


A/N: Well guys, I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. It didn't quite pan out the way I planned it...IT TURNED OUT EVEN BETTER THAN I PLANNED. I wasn't expecting to cry in the first chapter. But here I am, sitting in bed, crying. Anyways, thanks for reading <3 I'm not sure if I'm going to be updating this as much, just because I'm not sure how popular it's going to be. I may just continue it because I like where the storyline is taking me. Comment below if you want more <3

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