Everything has an end and everything starts to fall apart..


1. Memories..

You always said you'd remember

Those 5 idiots on the stairs

You said you'll always love them

No matter what happened

You thought you'd never forget them

They took your pains away

The memories you will forever cherish

Of this fandom that we made

Directioners we called ourselves

Watching the video diaries all day

Those 5 boys made you feel beautiful

No matter what

But everything comes to an end

And everything starts to fall apart

On their last day

Louis will tweet something sassy

Zayn something deep yet funny

Niall telling he'll love us forever

Liam will do his last twitcam

While Harry will say something totally un-relatable.

Yes I fell for these 5 lovely boys

They changed my and millions of other's lives

The memories will never fade

Of this fandom that we created

Soon the posters will start to fade away

Them going to the farthest corner of our minds

The thoughts will be a blur

Nothing seeming to remind

Then after long years

The radio will play their song

All the memories will come flooding back

With you shedding some tears down

Those 5 perfect boys will make you fall in love again

You'll cherish all the memories

We created together back then

Now, time is starting to slip by

So make the most of it now

These moments you'll remember forever

All life long..

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