For The Life Of Me [FINISHED]

Christina is living a normal teenage life until she finds out that there is a new neighbor. He is a shy kind of guy who wants to keep a secret. but when he falls for Christina hes not sure how to tell her. Christina wants to be friends since she has no one to talk to. she comes to find that he has a deep secret. will it ruin them forever or will it be the beginning of a new life?


5. The Shock of My Life

Dear Diary,

   well Hary and i have so many memories and all but i feel like hes keeping something hidden from me. i have let him tell me that day we walked home together from school. why did i tell him not to tell me? would we be together right now or would we keep our distance? i dont know what to do. so i went to talk to him earlier and our convo went something like this..

  Me: hey Harry can i ask you something?

  Harry: sure love what is it?

  Me: remember the day you caught me dancing?

  Harry: *laughs* how can i forget you looked so cute

  Me: *blushes* thanks but i wondering if you could tell me what you wanted to confess to me

  Harry: are you sure?

  Me: i mean if you think i can handle it

  Harry: why dont you come with me to my room and i will tell you

  Me: okay

   We walked to his room and i couldnt believe what i was about to hear. it was like lightning had struck me and i was paralized.

  Harry: okay babe here goes nothing.

  Me: just tell me hun

  Harry: okay remember the song that was playing when we danced?

  Me: yea what about it?

  Harry: well the band that sings it...One Direction..

  Me: spit it out (i said with a laugh)

  Harry: im in One Direction

   I just looked at him with my mouth opened. i didnt know what to say to him. i knew i was in for the shock of my life. i still loved him regardless but i didnt know how to handle the news. i stood up and ran back to my house. Harry tried to follow me. but he only made it to the front door. he stood there ringing the doorbell my mom answered it and was talking to him.

  Mom: hello Harry

  Harry: hello Mrs. Morales may i see Christina

   I could hear my mom leading him up the stairs. a knock on the door i knew i had to talk to him now that he was in my house standing in the hallway.

  Mom: Christina Harry is here to see you

  Me: okay give me a minute please im not decent

   I didnt know what else to say i needed time to figure out what to say to him. would this relationship work out? how would people react to me being with Harry? i opened the door and let Harry in. i paced back and forth in my room while Harry sat on my bed wondering what was going through my head

  Harry: Christina talk to me please

  Me: is that what you were going to tell me that day?

  Harry: im sorry Christina i wanted to tell you but you didnt want me to tell you

  Me: i know but how is this going to work?

  Harry: please Christina dont leave me. i dont know what i would do without you

  Me: i dont want to leave you Harry thats the last thing on my mind right now

  Harry: *gets up from my bed* i love you

  Me: *walk up to Harry and wrap my arms around him* i love you too

  Harry: this is going to work babe i promise.

   I couldnt believe i had a celebrity boyfriend. how could i..Christina Morales be so lucky to have someone like Harry Styles love me the way i could never love myself. i was nothing compared to the other girls who loved him. they were all beautiful and skinny. Harry is truly diffrent then all the rest. well im ending it here write more later bye for now.


P.S. im in love with Harry.

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