For The Life Of Me [FINISHED]

Christina is living a normal teenage life until she finds out that there is a new neighbor. He is a shy kind of guy who wants to keep a secret. but when he falls for Christina hes not sure how to tell her. Christina wants to be friends since she has no one to talk to. she comes to find that he has a deep secret. will it ruin them forever or will it be the beginning of a new life?


25. Talking with Harry


Dear Diary,

    I just read the letter Harry wrote to me. I guess he truly dose love me like he says he does. Im gonna go talk to him. Be back to tell you all the details.

**2 hours later**

   Okay im back. heres how it went.

Christina: *knocks on door*

Harry: I’ll get it *opens door*

Christina: hey Harry I was wondering if I could talk to you alone for a minute

Harry: really?...i mean yea of course

Christina: okay walk with me.

Harry: okay *closes the door behind him* what did you wanna talk about?

Christina: well its about the letter

Harry: what about it?

Christina: I just wanna know why you lied to me about you and her?

Harry: *moves in front of Christina* im sorry. I knew I should have told you but like I said in the letter I didn’t have any privacy. I still love you

Christina: *starting to cry* I missed you so much I thought you had forgotten about me.

Harry: how could i ever forget about you...your the only girl i can see myself with 

Christina: really?

Harry: yes..and i have one thing to ask you..

Christina: Whats that?

Harry: *kneeling down on one knee* will you be my girlfriend forever? *Holding out a ring*

Christina: Harry i dont know what to say

Harry: please say yes. this isnt a proposal its a promise. promising that youll be mine and i will be yours

Christina: YES! 

    Thats right Harry and i are back together :) im so happy, i hope i made the right choice by giving him a second chance and letting him prove to me that this will be more then it was last. i dont want to lose the guy i love forever. i dont know what i would do without him. ending it here talk more tomorrow.


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