For The Life Of Me [FINISHED]

Christina is living a normal teenage life until she finds out that there is a new neighbor. He is a shy kind of guy who wants to keep a secret. but when he falls for Christina hes not sure how to tell her. Christina wants to be friends since she has no one to talk to. she comes to find that he has a deep secret. will it ruin them forever or will it be the beginning of a new life?


6. He's Leaving :'(

Dear Diary,

   well its been a couple of days knowing Harry's secret. but honestly im not sure of what to do anymore. i loved it more knowing that he was just a normal teenage boy that loves me. i wish i could tell Harry but i know it would break his heart. dont get me wrong i still love him and all but i  want a normal relationship. i know that once people find out he has a girlfriend and they figure out its me im going to get alot of hate from them (not that i would care what other people say to me). harry and i were texting earlier...

**text convo**

  Harry: hey babe..i miss you

  Me: hi honey i miss you too

  Harry: got any plans today?

  Me: nope why whats up?

  Harry: nothing just be ready in about an hour k

  Me: your not gonna tell me why

  Harry: nope just be ready love ;)

   i dont know what Harry wants to do but i better get ready. i will write when i get back and tell you the details.

***2 hours later***

well im back. *sigh* i never thought i would say this but i broke up with Harry. i know you probably thinking 'what the fuck Christina he was such a great guy' but he told me something i didnt think i was going to hear. heres how the convo went..

  Harry: so i have something to tell you babe but i want you to promise me something.

  Me: okay what is it

  Harry: promise me you wont leave me

  Me: just tell me honey

  Harry: not until you promise me

  Me: i promise

  Harry: well theres no easy way to say this but im leaving tomorrow they need me and the rest of the boys back in the studios to write a new album

  Me: what? so im gonna lose you?

  Harry: never! dont talk like that

  Me: but its true. how long will you be gone?

  Harry: 3, 4 months tops

  Me: i dont know about this Harry

  Harry: what do you mean Christina

  Me: i mean i dont think this is going to work out

  Harry: are you saying..

  Me: thats exactly what im saying Harry

  Harry: but you promised

  Me: i know but i didnt know what you were going to say and i think its for the best

   it broke my heart telling him i wanted to break up im such a fool for thinking he would be my only shot to a real life where it full of happiness and love. i cant stop crying. the still image of the look on his face, his emerald green eyes tearing up and his cheeky smile turning into a frown, i cant believe i let go of the one person who loved me and told me i was something special. 


P.S. im still in love with Harry i just dont know how i would go on without him in my life and now i have to seeing as how he's leaving tomorrow. why me god?

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