For The Life Of Me [FINISHED]

Christina is living a normal teenage life until she finds out that there is a new neighbor. He is a shy kind of guy who wants to keep a secret. but when he falls for Christina hes not sure how to tell her. Christina wants to be friends since she has no one to talk to. she comes to find that he has a deep secret. will it ruin them forever or will it be the beginning of a new life?


18. Happy Birthday Harry!

Dear Diary,

   so today is Harrys birthday and i ended up not talking to him when i said i was going to. but today im going to tell him the the truh is thati miss him! i wana be with him. idk how to do it tho. i think im going to get him a watch t o wth his watch collection. i saw a watch a few monhs ago and i know he'll love it, its silver with bronz with roman numberal numbers. ive been saving for a while so i wanted to get something that he would love and this is something i knew he would love. i even had it engraved saying "Happy Birthday. Love Christina" now i that i think about it its too much. maybe i will give it to him for Valentines Day since its coming up. well i gotta go its almost time for Harrys party write more later


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