For The Life Of Me [FINISHED]

Christina is living a normal teenage life until she finds out that there is a new neighbor. He is a shy kind of guy who wants to keep a secret. but when he falls for Christina hes not sure how to tell her. Christina wants to be friends since she has no one to talk to. she comes to find that he has a deep secret. will it ruin them forever or will it be the beginning of a new life?


28. 6 Months


Dear Diary,

                I just got home from school. Harry and I had an awkward walk home. It was silent almost the whole way home. I tried talking but I just figured he had something on his mind he didn’t want to talk about. When we arrived home I knew I had to ask him what was wrong and here’s what happened


Christina: Harry are you okay?

Harry: Not really Christina. I have to tell you something but I don’t know how to say it

Christina: it’s okay Harry. You can tell me.

Harry: Well my manager called and said that we are going on tour next week.

Christina: Oh *I said with a sad sound in my voice*.  When do you leave?

Harry: Tomorrow.

Christina: How long will you be gone?

Harry: 6 months. *he said with a frown*

Christina: *wrapping my arms around his neck my forehead against his* Don’t worry Hazza everything will be okay.


                I don’t want Harry to be worried about me. It’s not like I was going anywhere. I want Harry to do what he loves best I don’t want to be in the way of his dreams. I hope he understands. Well im going to end it here Harry just text me he wants to see me. He says he wants to show me something before he leaves.


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