really?? (harry fanfic)

jo woke up one morning and got read for school like a normal 16 year old girl she put her uniform on and put her hair in a bun and walked out and sore something that every teenage girl wished to see.(course languge and maybe sex sceans )


2. home

jo's p.o.v

after school i went stight home i had to get a assiment ready for tommorw. when i got there harry was waiting outside "why are you out here" i said "waiting for you to get here i want to ask you something" he said a bit nervous "what is it harry you can tell me" i said a bit suspices "would you like to go on a date when first sore you i though you were beautiful" he said "yes i will harry" i said blushing. when harry noticed he rubbed my cheeks and kissed them witch made me blush even more. i then took his hand and we walked inside when we got in the other boys sore us and started whistling "love birds" said niall cockishly. i then droped his hand and walk to my room to finish my assignment.

harry's p.o.v

i sat next to n niall and lou who just looked at me wierd like they have not seen my hold a girl hand before "what" i said "nothing nothing" said niall "what is it come on tell" i said "we have never seen you look at a girl like that before that is all it is some thing diffrent" he said "she is differant there is something about her that brings me to her" i said and they just nodded "but she is 16 harry and ur 19" said liam "age is just a number" i said.


when i got to my room i turn so music on and started to do my assignment when kiss you came on i turned it up and started to sing i never loved my vioce but i loved to sing. when i finished i heard the boys argueing over something i walked out but notto far so they could see me and i listened to the convostaion "she is diffrerant" harry said she is 16 harry and ur 19" liam said angrly "age is just a number" harry said carmly and sat on the other couch. i then walked out "heyyyy" they said "hi" i said i sat next to harry and turned the tv on "what do you guys want to watch" i said "football" said zayn fixing his hair in the small mirror he was holding "oookkkk" i said.

liam's p.o.v

harry though he was in love with a 16 year old really she is still a child and he is a adult. i then got up and dicided to go for a walk " where are you going" louis said "im going for a walk" i said "sorry for asking" lou said sassyisly and turning his head back to the tv. when i got out side it was cold so i grabbed my coat from the car and looked at my phone it was 4:49 and paul should be here to pick us up in 4 hours. while i walked i came across a some fans that wanted pis and autographs i could not say no to them so i took pics with them and signed some stuff.when i got back it was 6:00 the guy and jo where watching love actully. when i relised jo mum was not back " hey where is your mum" i asked "she works untill 10:00" she said "ok" i said and sat down.

half hour later

jo's p.o.v

anyone want dinner i will order pizza if u want " yesssss" the guys shouted i ordered the pizza and in 15 mins it was here we all ate 5 bits besides niall he eat well i don't know like a lot."when are you guys going home" i asked " about 8:00 paul is going to pick us up but we don't live to far from here like half hour so i can still take you on our date on tomorrow night" harry said. when we hear d a knonk on the door we knew they had to go now they grabbed there things and gave me a hug and they left "see you guy soon" i yelled to them "bye for now" they said. i then shut the door and went to bed.
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