Horror Night

about a brother and sister go to the park and get lost so have to shelter in the big housen they find behind trees.


1. The coming of the Old Castle

It started as a great night out with my brother and his mates, We had danced, laughed and sung together and had fun. But then our stepdad Mark had'nt turned up to pick us up so my brother Lucas said "we'll walk instead it's not far".

It was fne when we started walking but then i had a feeling something or someone was following us. Then out of the mist there seemed to be a grand house, No light were on so we assumed it was no longer lived in.


So we opened the crumbling door and there was loads of cobwebs and dust. We heard the rain shattering against the window panes. We decided to explore around the castle. The moonlight was penetrating through the whispy clouds and onto our faces. All was silent. Then we heard footsteps but nothing spoke our communicated in any way.


We found some where to sleep then when i got into bed i saw a skeleton i shrieked with terror. The night passed slowly we couldn't sleep because we kept hearing strange noises and grunts......

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