A Deadly Piano

A girl goes in an empty room and finds a grand piano there.. But what happens when it starts playing all by itself?


1. A Deadly Piano

I stepped in the room
Empty it was
But the eerie feel could tell
Many souls were here before.

A deadly silence grew on me
I could tell invisible eyes were watching
I just stood still
Didn't move a single inch.

In a corner stood a grand piano
Which wasn't there before
Ready to be played
Covered with music sheets on top.

Suddenly the keys started to play
A music of its own
I froze in shock
Had never seen something like this before.

The music started hypnotizing me
Could no longer feel my body
And then I saw them
Dancing to the music.

Ladies were fitted in corsets
While the gentlemen in suits
Smiles were plastered on their faces
Swaying with the wondrous music.

I looked at the piano
It told me to join the crowd.
Move myself along the notes it played
Sway my hips along the way.

Suddenly I started to move
My body is no longer in my control
I went to the center
And slow danced alone.

They looked at me as if I was just there
Smiled and offered me hands
But I didn't care.

The grand piano played a sad melody
Making me sway alone
The others moved away
Looked at me with wonder.

Still I just danced and danced
When suddenly I heard a shriek
A man with dagger came in
Told me I was his next prey.

The deadly piano kept playing
While the deadly man plunged the dagger through me
I screamed and shout and cried and howled
While the others didn't seem to notice me.

Now the room is empty
But the piano is still playing the sad song
I lie here
While the dagger is shot in me.

The deadly piano sucked me in,
Killed me in the lonely room
Suddenly the pain left me
I knew I was dead, left here soul-less.

I wished I never came here ,
Never came in this haunted room
The deadly piano killed me,
And sent me to my doom..

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