Weak On My Knees

You make me go weak on my knees... ^_^


1. Weak On My Knees

I was scribbling down something random
When someone tapped me on my back
I turned around swiftly
And saw my shoulder under your hand

My heart beat paced
I could feel sweat dripping down my face
You said it to me
While I looked you blindly

I've loved you forever
No idea since when
But my love is strong and true
And it'll remain the same

I remembered when I first laid my eyes on you
You were so different,
So charming
And just so beautiful

You smiled at me one day
Maybe recognized me from being in the same class
I couldn't smile back
I got nervous and became a retard

You're still waiting for my answer
The answer to the question that I've waited for all these years
The sweat is still dripping
I'm so nervous and occupied with fear

What will you think if I said no?
Will you be happy if I said yes?
Maybe you'll beg me
Or maybe I'll be your princess?

I can't keep you waiting anymore
Maybe I should be more willing
Here I go with my answer,
"Yeah sure, you can take my pencil"

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