hi all. im awespiring, a new 14 year old addition to movellas. im currently in the process of writing my own book, and i hope to publish "A Posy of Poems" as an anthology soon. I joined movellas in the hope of getting some constructive criticism- hope you all like it and will give me your advice!!
PS- Rhymes and Verse is the collection of silly, funny poems- i.e. , the poems i wrote while i was "studying" for my final exams :)


2. solitude (inspired by "Daffodils", william wordsworth)



My weary self craves for respite

Something to cure my ails

Of concrete, stone, fast-paced life

Before my courage fails


And lo! Behold! Greets me a sight

Of beauty beyond compare

A beauty, a vibrance, a portrait so bright

That the wind paints in the air


The clear, fine blue of the sky

The blush of the evening sun

 Each leaf, each flower, a different hue

The palette of the horizon like none


The redbrick house that beckons me

The coming of the starry night

I smell the scent of fresh, sweet air

I find Life again in the sight


The trees shall gnarl, wither and die

The land be plagued with thirst

The lake so merry shall cease to be

The birds into song won’t burst


Yet the wind will sing it’s haunting song

The leaves shall whisper my name

Though the decades may change the sight I saw

In my heart ‘tis forevermore the same


I shall sit one sultry, summer day

Perhaps it may come winter

I should close my eyes and lost within

And find solitude in that wonder of nature



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