hi all. im awespiring, a new 14 year old addition to movellas. im currently in the process of writing my own book, and i hope to publish "A Posy of Poems" as an anthology soon. I joined movellas in the hope of getting some constructive criticism- hope you all like it and will give me your advice!!
PS- Rhymes and Verse is the collection of silly, funny poems- i.e. , the poems i wrote while i was "studying" for my final exams :)


3. Dilemna (Rhymes and Worse)




So many thoughts that swirl around

Of colours a confused melody

Tales of love, hate, greed and more

Can words do justice to thee?


How do I put into mere words

So many thoughts, such fantasies

That Schehezadre paints a picture with

Of deserts, of cool ocean breeze


Shall I call of Sinbad, that sailor of Basrah

Whose eyes saw the giant roc’s eggs!

Or sing of Ali Baba’s bloodthirsty thieves

 Who seek vengeance from 40 oil kegs


Nay- I shall tell of the peasant Aladdin

Who with a lamp his princess wooed!

O Queen, which breathtaking tale of yours

Shall I recite for my audience to brood?


Oh, I suffered, but now realise

Though my indecision made me sob

For one who didn’t know what to write-

I’ve done a pretty good job

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