hi all. im awespiring, a new 14 year old addition to movellas. im currently in the process of writing my own book, and i hope to publish "A Posy of Poems" as an anthology soon. I joined movellas in the hope of getting some constructive criticism- hope you all like it and will give me your advice!!
PS- Rhymes and Verse is the collection of silly, funny poems- i.e. , the poems i wrote while i was "studying" for my final exams :)


1. A Walk Down Memory Lane


'Twas a night of reminiscence

When my mind wandered unheeded

And as i thought of memories past

The waters of time receded  


I thought of my days as an infant

Naive as one can be

I thought of days when i was none

But the budding shoot of a tree  


And lost in memories of an age long gone

I was swathed in the mists of time

From the time of birth till now

Which had no reason nor rhyme  


Was it then the question arose?

I shall ever know not

Would the sky be blue and the grass green

Had we given it a little more thought?

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