hi all. im awespiring, a new 14 year old addition to movellas. im currently in the process of writing my own book, and i hope to publish "A Posy of Poems" as an anthology soon. I joined movellas in the hope of getting some constructive criticism- hope you all like it and will give me your advice!!
PS- Rhymes and Verse is the collection of silly, funny poems- i.e. , the poems i wrote while i was "studying" for my final exams :)


4. A Poet's Haunt (Rhymes and Worse)



Look at the flowers that bloom o'er here!
Vibrant hues among the green!

Ah, abundance of delicate butterflies

Here joy has forever been


I walk through this calm, sunlit glae

I hear the stream as it bubbles by

I see young birds learning to take wing:

And let out a contented sigh


I have often walked in a dream-like trance

To these enchanted woods of magic

In search of inspiration, and lo behold!
A verse of poetry would click


Though it has been indeed a while

Quite centuries after my demise

To sate my passion that still haunts me

Everyday, from my grave I rise


I thought, to travelers who pass me by

My soul I shall once again bear

But instead I find agony, and such pain

it shatters my heart beyond repair


What's the matter, oh why do you

Shriek when you meet me in the wood?

My poems aren't ALL that bad-

Ah, we poets are misunderstood




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