loved you first

Kathryn is a normal girl in Perth untill she meets a blond haired blue eye guy named Niall Horan what will happen when he wants her to move to London? did she find true love or is this another fling? (first Movella so please no hate)


2. love at first site

kathryns p.o.v


When i got to work i sore my friend jessica i could easily tell it was her because of her bright redhair. when i got to her she looked very sad "hey what is wrong jess" i asked " brandon just broke up with my"she said "im so sorry" i said hugging her while she cried in to my shoulder. but soon after our bitch of a boss mary came to as yelling "stop fucking crying and get to work if not go home" she said "whatever  we quit" i said while jess nodded.

when we got our stuff and got out of the shop dicided to go get some thing to eat so we went to macca's. when we got there we waited in line the guy in front of us ordered 2 big macca's, large chips and drink and a ice cream whe he got is food and it was our turn he span aroud to fast and spilt his drink and icecream on me.


niall p.o.v


"im so sorry" i said to th beatiful girl that stood in front of me i looking right in to her sea blue eyes you could just drown in to them . "it is ok im kathryn" she said shly "im niall im in the band one direction" i said "i know im a big fan im so happy to meet you even though i have coke and icecream on me" she said laughing a little her laugh was so adorable and she was a fan. " do u want me to drive you home to get changed" i said " no thanks i have o drive my friend jessica home plus i have my own car sorry" she said " ok well can i please take you on a date tonight then" i ask "yesss please" she said smiling like a princess giving me her number when  she gave me her number she waved bye and graped her jessicas arm and walk away. i think it souds silly and just meet her but i think i love her.

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