loved you first

Kathryn is a normal girl in Perth untill she meets a blond haired blue eye guy named Niall Horan what will happen when he wants her to move to London? did she find true love or is this another fling? (first Movella so please no hate)


1. getting ready

I woke up ready for anything the day could though at me i got up and looked in the mirror my long brown hair a mess and my blue eyes shinning. i walked out in to the kitchen to have breakfast i made eggs and bacon, when i finished eating i went for a shower when i got out i dried my hair and do dressed in to a tank top that said pow pow across it and some short but not botty shorts i put on some black toms and did my brown hair in a messy bun i put some black eye liner and massgara on and a little foudation. I then walked out the door to head to work at city beach. (hope you like the story and dont mind  the spelling im really bad and sorry for short chapter) 

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