Agree to Disagree

Is it so bad that I do so many things that other people don't?


1. Is it so bad?

Yes, I'm thirteen years old. 
Is it so bad that I put three scoops of ice cream in my bowl instead of two and cake on the sprinkles like there won't be any left tomorrow. 
Is it so bad I put my iPod three meters away from me when I sleep at night because I'm frightened radiation can kill me? 
Is it so bad I still play with stuffed animals even at thirteen years of existence? What? Is thirteen the new forty-seven? 
Is it so bad that I play Doodle Jump until eleven at night, trying to beat a high score I set the other night? 
Is it so bad that even after my laptop is completely shut off, I have to turn it on again because I remembered something I HAVE to write now. 
Is it so bad that I have to push my nose up with three fingers every two minutes because I don't like the idea of it deforming itself. 
Is it so bad I wear my hair the same way EVERY DAY? 
Is it so bad that I want more than earrings in my skin? 
Is it so bad that one day I might want to dye my hair fluro colours when I'm older? Who says I can't express who I am because of etiquette? 
Is it so bad that I NEED red converse sneakers? 
Is it so bad that I'd like to rent a wicked camper and go to Disneyland again? 
Is it so bad I can't go to the toilet without wiping the lid with paper before hand? 
Is it so bad I can't take money from people without feeling guilty or having to pay them back? 
Is it so bad I'm scared of committing to shaving my legs after I do it the first time? 
Is it so bad I want it to be winter year round so I can wear pyjama bottoms and netball hoodies with dark eyeliner and my hair up? 
Is it so bad I want the same things my older sister wants even though she scowls and says I'm copying her? 
Is it so bad I want big grey floppy socks to wear around the house? 
Is it so bad I feel like showing off once and a while? 
Is it so bad I don't cry at every movie my family does at? 
Is it so bad I have to time my showers?
And is it so terrible that I have to write this all down JUST to feel good about myself? 

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