What If He Stayed Away?

Do you ever think what would have happened if Edward DIDN'T come back in New Moon?
Would Bella have fallen in love with Jacob? Would she end up with the wolves?
Would she be wolf girl?


1. Our First Kiss

(Bella P.o.v)

The sound of pebbles hitting against my window. I sit up and push the hair away from my face I walk over to the window, Charlie was at the station tonight I was home alone. I had just sent another failing email to Alice. Since Edward left all I feel of pain. But Jake.... Jake makes it better.
I slide the window open and see Jacob in his jean shorts and shoes and shirtless tanned torso
"What are you doing?" I asked tucking my hair behind my ear.
"I wanna talk back up" he said I did and he jumped up like usual, When he managed to get in through my window he stood awkwardly
"Hey" he said I looked at him
"You look like hell what Happened?" He asked I shrugged
"You sent another email to Alice didn't you?" He asks
"Another failure" I said Jake pulled me in a hug and his warmth flooded through me I hugged him back lightly squeezing.
"Bell, you know I will never hurt you..." He starts
"Jake, we've been through this before. I don't think I could move on from Edward." I said the pain of saying his name brought pain to my stomach.
Jacob took my hand and put it on his heart the steady beating and warmth.
"Feel that? That's a heart beat" he said
"I feel it" I said looking at my hand I look up and our brown eyes connect. Jacob steps closer to me his warmth starting to surround me
"Bella I-"
"Jake." I said stopping him. He looked at me and scanned my face his eyes came back to mine he leaned in again I didn't lean away.
He tilted his head to the side, our foreheads touched and then his soft lips came in contact with mine I put my hands in his short jet black hair he gripped my waist and pulled my stomach to his I felt those six little bumps against mine I smiled against his lips. We moved back his back pressed to the olive green wall. The sound of the wolf whistle Sam and the other pack members use o call each other sounded our lips came apart we were out of breath.
"I gotta go" Jacob quietly says
"Stay please?" I said
"Bella I can't- I'll be back later I promise" he said kissing my forehead. He jumped out of my window gracefully landing on his feet he jogged off to the forest line meeting Sam and the others.
I stand there breathless. That was my first kiss with Jacob Black.
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