Let Me Kiss You

Maria was a total directioner... She was criticized for loving them. Until she met the one.


1. The One

Harry's POV

Today was the day. I was gonna tell Maria that I loved her. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I want her to be mine... From now till the end of time. She was the one I just knew it... The only problem was I'm not sure that she feels the same way. I walked out my door grabbing a piece of toast and started to walk to school. It started to rain. Just great. Even better... When I arrived at school, I see Maria pull up in a car with that jerk that treats all girls like crap. Why is she hanging out with him?!? Maybe she was just getting a ride to stay out of the rain.

Maria's POV

Jason is the best guy ever! I was walking over to Harry's house to ask him to be my Valentine, but I don't think he likes me so just my luck Jason pulled over and asked to drive me to school. Harry is such a long shot, he is way out of my league, and I think Jason likes me!!! "Babe do you want me to walk you to class?" Jason asks.

"No I want to talk to Harry first." I reply

"Don't let him take you away from me. I have really liked you for a while and now that I finally have you I am never letting you go." Jason whispers. Man I just love his voice, its so deep and raspy it makes me melt. It reminds me of Harry though... I have to go talk to him! I peck Jason on the cheek and run over to Harry. He looks down at me with his eyes full of hurt.

"Harry what's wrong?" I ask. I can't do this he is so hurt. If a girl did this to him I swear she is going down. Wait... Why am I feeling this way? I'm dating Jason, not Harry. Harry is just a small crush... Nothing more. Not unless that's what he wants...

"Your dating Jason? Jason. Maria... Why are you dating him??? Of all the guys that ask you out, you say yes to....JASON??" Please explain to me why you are dating that jerk." He asks me... But I can't believe he just criticized my boyfriend like that! He is so going to get it!

Harry's POV

Her expression goes from caring to furious within seconds. "WHY DOES IT MATTER TO YOU IF I'M DATING JASON!" She screams at me. "HE IS THE ONLY GUY THAT IS EVER GOING TO CARE ABOUT ME SO WHY DO YOU NOT WANT ME DATING HIM?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND JASON BEING TOGETHER?" I start to respond but now she has broken into tears.

"Maria, please, stop crying. There is one reason why I don't want you dating Jason. That's it. And it's not because I don't want you to be happy. Trust me I want you to be happy every day of  your life. When you smile it is one of the most beautiful things ever. When you came into my life my world just lit up." I stop. I have gone too far. I put my head down and wait for her to storm off.

Maria's POV

Harry put his head down... I shouldn't have been so rude, and I totally just put all my problems on his shoulders... I have to tell him now or else my life will suck. I will be in a relationship with Jason and my friendship with Harry would be over. "I love you, Harry." He picks his head up and looks at me. I can see joy in his eyes. The tears start streaming down his face. "Harry, you are the fruit to my loop, the apple to my eye, the One to my Direction. I love you and I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you. Now here we are so close. But I feel like I have lost you." I speak ever so quietly. I didn't know what else to do.. I turned and ran.

"MARIA!" I hear Harry call. I turn and he starts running towards me with open arms. I run to meet him halfway. I hop into his arms and I get to cross something off on my bucket list. Having a romantic kiss in the rain with the boy I love.

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