Where were you?

This story is about a girl who's best friend is a major directioner and invites her to a concert. She goes and falls head over heels with the drummer josh Devine. But will he love her back or will she be thinking where were you?


2. where the west was all but won

Chapter 2.

Where the west was all but won


Alyssa'a P.O.V


We pulled up and I was already getting a migraine.This is gonna be a long night. We sat down in our seats and waited for 30 minutes before one direction busted on stage. I glanced up at the over head screen and a extremely attractive boy appeared on the screen. I elbowed Hannah. She looked at me " spwhat was that for?" she yelled. " who is that ?" I yelled back pointing at the screen. She gasped, oh no what did I just do. "that's josh devine there drummer." she looked at me like I just murdered 100 people. I shrugged but the rest of the concert went by in a blur. The whole time josh was in my mind. I found out he is 22 and I'm 21 so he's not too much older that me. The end of the concert went by in a blur but of course instead of leaving like normal people would, Hannah who I think was secretly abducted by aliens and replaced by a creepy Hannah, wanted to stay after everyone left to try to get a glance of the boys. She was lying I coud tell she wanted Harry to notice her I could tell.


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