Where were you?

This story is about a girl who's best friend is a major directioner and invites her to a concert. She goes and falls head over heels with the drummer josh Devine. But will he love her back or will she be thinking where were you?


3. all alone smoking his last cigeratte


Hannah's P.O.V


Ok so maybe I wanted Harry to notice me, but Alyssa couldn't pretend she didn't want josh to notice her I mean come on the constant glancing at his drum set, I've seen it all before this chika is in love.


Josh's P.O.V


I walked out to get my drum stick I noticed two girls chatting like they were at lunch. They saw me glance at them and they waved frantically at me like I was the last person on earth I waved back slowly and I got my drum stick and walked backstage. I passed by Harry and told hi. To look out at where the audience is.



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