Where were you?

This story is about a girl who's best friend is a major directioner and invites her to a concert. She goes and falls head over heels with the drummer josh Devine. But will he love her back or will she be thinking where were you?


1. i found godon the corner of 1st and Amistad


Alyssa's P.O.V


Oh my god! Will she shut up already? I've had to spent the up whole day with my directioner best friend. Right now we are on our way to one directions concert. I really don't see how you could be THAT in love with some one but my best friend, Hannah, is." OMG ALYSSA CAN YOU BELIVE IT!!!!.!!!! I'm gonna see my dearly beloved Harry styles!" she screamed in my ear. If I was planning to go deaf this would DEFINITIALY work. Most people say the concert is loud but one things for sure I won't be able to hear a thing by 11:00PM.





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