You Know My Name, Not My Story

When 16 year old Jc Caylen starts off his 2nd Semester in the 3rd year of high school, he sees a new kid being bullied. When he decides to tell the office some unexpected things start to happen after he makes a youtube video telling people to stop judging people by the way they look. Will his life change for the good or for the worse?


2. Just Me

That's just what began my new life. Hey, I'm Justin Caylen, I go by Jc though. And well you, you know my name, not my story. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like to wear beanies, vans and v-necks. I'm obsessed with Arizona tea and one time I got the company to bring me two cases of green tea.

One day I would love to travel the world and go literally, every where. I would love to be able to spend a whole summer going on a road trip around America and seeing everything this country has to offer. California is the place that I would love to live one day. No matter what anyone else says, I think it would be an amazing place to live.

That's really all there is to me right now and to find out more you would just have to wait and see. 

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