You Know My Name, Not My Story

When 16 year old Jc Caylen starts off his 2nd Semester in the 3rd year of high school, he sees a new kid being bullied. When he decides to tell the office some unexpected things start to happen after he makes a youtube video telling people to stop judging people by the way they look. Will his life change for the good or for the worse?


3. Back To School

I ended up not taking the next week off too because I didn't want anything to change. I just didn't want to come back and not really know what was going on.

The first day back we ended up having a "pep-rally" and discussed everything that would be happening for the next few weeks. Our school did this every two months so this one was off but, we were kind of used to it. It was a little different this time because it was about something completely different than any normal one but, we eventually got over it.

It was more about the change of the principal, explaining about the incident of the week before, our security changes, and about how on Friday we were going to have a guest speaker come in and talk about bullying. 

For our principal, in the mean time the 11th-12th grade vice principal would step up as the new principal and the 9th-10th grade vice principal would now just be the vice principal. 

The incident of the week before, I didn't completely pay attention to because I knew what had happened completely but I know that the other kids now had the story that they wanted and all the rumors could stop. No names were given though, so I guess not all the rumors could stop.

During our week off I did find out that the principal was killed immediately because the bullet went through his brain. I also found out the name of the victim, but not the bully, I didn't really care about him though. I had a plan to help the victim though, I was going to be his friend, show him that everything would be okay from now on. 

Our security changes included new security cameras everywhere, except bathrooms but they didn't clearly say that it was just common sense. Also, we now had security checks as we entered the school every morning. All kids would have ID's by the end of the week which were mandatory to wear. And lastly, all teachers were required to stand outside of their classrooms as we come and go to classes between changes, there would also be more teachers monitoring lunches and no one was allowed to leave unless escorted out by a teacher. 

Some kids complained about it but after seeing what happened last week I thought it was brilliant. 

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