You Know My Name, Not My Story

When 16 year old Jc Caylen starts off his 2nd Semester in the 3rd year of high school, he sees a new kid being bullied. When he decides to tell the office some unexpected things start to happen after he makes a youtube video telling people to stop judging people by the way they look. Will his life change for the good or for the worse?


1. The Beginning

As I walked down the hallway of my school, I stopped outside of our large auditorium. I cracked the door open and stepped inside to see someone yelling and shoving a new kid. I wanted to yell at him to stop and to leave him alone but, I was afraid. Afraid of how he would react. I slipped back out the door and headed towards the office to tell them what was going on. I stopped in front of the door and quickly pulled it open and I walked up to the front desk.

"May I help you?" The lady asked.

I quickly got my story together and replied, "I was walking down the hall when I heard someone in the auditorium. I opened the door and a student was beating up one of the new kids. I don't know any names but, someone needs to get down there and stop them."
The lady turned around and said to the lady in the desk behind her, "Alice, go to the very end of the hall and get the principal please."

The lady 'Alice' got up and slowly walked to the back. I wasn't going to waste more time though, I ran past Alice and opened the last door to find exactly who she said would be there. I quickly explained the story and then we were rushing down to the auditorium.

Out of no where one officer was rushing down from the second story where the cafeteria and gym were. Another one came rushing in from outside. The principal quickly explained the story to both of them and then one of the officers turned towards me and said "Son, stay out here please. We don't know what could happen."

I quickly shook my head up and down and then the officer turned around, took a deep breath and said "Okay, let's go." Then the other officer opened the door and entered the door followed by the other officer, who seemed to be his partner, and then the principal entered last.

I heard someone yell "Hey! Break it up!" and a couple of other things that I couldn't really hear and after about 60 seconds of them yelling and probably getting right in the middle of what was now probably a fight, I heard what sounded like a firework going off. I opened the door just a little and saw my principal laying on the ground with one of the officers kneeling down beside him. The other officer was still fighting the kid but, not as much as before.

There was gun on the edge of the stage,"probably the kids", I thought while I looked around a little more. There was a kid struggling at the back door, this was the target of the bully's. Why? I'm not sure exactly. Neither of the kids really looked familiar so they were probably in different grades.

After looking around for about a minute, I decided to run down to the office and tell them to call an ambulance. So, as I approached the office I slowed down a bit and reached out for the handle on the door. I yanked it off and by now I was (some how) out of breath but, I managed to get out what I needed to tell them. The lady quickly dialed 911 in a panic and explained everything to them. She only asked me one thing and that was where the wound was and I quickly told her it was in the head.

From what I saw, I honestly didn't think that he was going to make it through the next hour but, it was still a possibility. I waited until the ambulance arrived to take the principal away and then I walked back to the office now kind of in shock.

They ended up closing the auditorium for the day and the rest of the week was canceled for us and I had the choice of getting the whole next week off too. 

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