Her Name is JJ

Molly and her friend nicknamed JJ haven't seen each other in almost a year. JJ was a medical student and couldn't ever visit Molly who had moved to London. Will a visit change both of the girls lives?


2. Chapter Two


I woke up in Harry's arms. I was in pajamas and he was in boxers, at my request knowing how he usually sleeps. I lay there tracing his abbs with my finger lightly. I heard a laugh. "JJ stop that tickles." He said bringing a smile to my face. "Good morning beautiful." He brought a blush to my cheeks. "Your cute when you blush." He said making me blush worse. I sat up only to be pulled back once again. "Let's just lay here all day." He said pulling me closer. "Harry I have to get ready for my football game. Louis asked me to play. Apparently Molly had a video of me from last year and they want me to play. I have a shirt and everything." I managed to release from his grasp and take a shower. Once out I put my hair in a very tight bun on the top of my head. I put on my shorts and shirt that said "Allah" across the shoulders. I pulled my knee high neon rainbow socks, I grabbed my cleats but slid on my sandals before leaving the bathroom. Harry had dressed and grabbed his keys. We stepped out of his flat and got into his car. Yes I stayed at his flat after swimming, nothing happened though. We pulled up to the arena and had to have security escort us to the locker rooms. I had a room all to myself because I was the only girl playing. This should be fun.

Harry's POV:

She walked into the the ladies room so I went to find Louis. "Hey mate, why did you ask her to play exactly?" He smile at my mischievously. "You'll have to wait and see." I caught up with Niall & Zayn and chatted for a bit before the opening ceremonies started. The teams came out and the opposing team was confused to see a girl on our team. Once the game started I was amazed. JJ didn't even seem like a girl anymore, she acted like one of the guys. She got down and dirty, sliding and getting all muddy. Once she took golly it was crazy. She didn't let one ball pass her. The game ended 20-7, we had won. The guys put JJ on their shoulder. I got down to the field and engulfed JJ in a hug giving her a kiss on the lips. There were some gasps from the crowd, probably directioners. We got back to a small room where the team had a meeting. After everybody congratulated each other JJ went to the girls room to clean up. I haven't seen Molly today so I wonder where she is. That's when I finally saw her, cheeks painted with tears. "Molly what's wrong?" I asked her placing my hand on her shoulder. "She hasn't had that much fun in forever. You have no idea about her past Harry so take care of her. She is special, don't loose her. I'm crying because I'm just so proud of her." She walked into the ladies room leaving me confused. What happened to her in the past?


I put on a pair of jean shorts after showering with a hot pink loose sweatshirt over a black tank. I dried my hair letting it fall in soft curls, I placed a small amount of makeup on. I slipped on my black toms the. Grabbed my bag, Molly took my gym bag from me out of kindness. I walked out of the ladies room me and Molly laughing at an old inside joke. I saw Harry smiling like an idiot. "Why are you so cheery?" I asked him lacing our fingers together, he took my gym bag from Molly. "Want to go get some food, just the two of us?" He asked making me smile. "I'd love to." We were escorted out of the building by security and drove off. Harry pulled up to a small cafe and opened y door for me. We walked in and sat down. I ordered a grilled cheese and chips, Harry ordered the same. "May I ask you something JJ?" I giggled. "Sure Harry." He looked at his hands. "What happened in your past that was making Molly cry?" My face dropped at the question. "Well Harry, to be honest I have never had a boyfriend, never been on a date and have never been asked out. That might be what she is talking about. But also my oldest brother is in the Navy and I don't see him much, when I do it's amazing though. I get to spend a week with him a year if I'm lucky, he is deployed over seas right now. So that's all about why she would have been crying. I just don't feel like I don't deserve you. I mean your Harry Styles, most girls just want you because our famous but if I knew you in school, we would have been friends. But you are just so handsome and I'm just me." He took my hands in his, "JJ if anything I don't deserve you. You are the most beautiful girl in the entire world. I l-love you JJ..." I was shocked. I smiled a small smile but it grew slowly. "I think I love you too Harry..." He smiled too. Soon our food came and we talked about everything. He payed and we walked out of the small shop. I had my sunglasses on, so did he. It was a fairly nice day, sun shining, no clouds in the sky, you could hear the birds chirping, it was peaceful. Every once in a while we could see the flash of a camera. It didn't matter to us, we were walking down the sidewalk hand in hand, by far the happiest people on earth. Soon it all has to end and I have to go back to school.

Chapter Three


I pack my bag sadly. I have only been here for six days but am already in love. Harry is the best thing that has happened to me. We have seen picture of us on E-news and in magazines. People are wondering who I am because right now I'm mystery girl. Harry walked in the room placing his hands around my waist. "Harry we have to go." I was holding back tears and I knew he could tell. "JJ it's okay, this isn't goodbye, it's talk to you when you get home." I smiled as we walked into the elevator. "Are you gonna miss me? I will be practically half way around the world." I said making gestures with my hands. It brought a chuckle to his lips, "I will but your not gone your just away for a bit." I smiled hugely. "Promise me we will go camping in Oregon." He nodded as we walked off the elevator. Entering his car I sighed. " I'll have to drive when you come visit." He smiled in agreeing. I buckled up an we were off.

We got to the airport and surprisingly there were no girls waiting for us. We managed to keep my leaving on the down-low. I said my  goodbyes yesterday then spent the night at Harry's. "This is where we part way darling." He said making a tear stream down my face. He whipped it away with his thumb then planted a sweet and caring kiss on my lips. Before I walked away I took off my neckless. "Here." I clasped the small "J" around his neck giving him one last kiss. I walked to board my plane tears streaming down my face. This is going to be a long flight.

Once home I was jet lagged, I picked my car up and drove home. Unlocking the door I turned the light on. There was a note on the counter in a bucket of flowers, literally a small pink bucket was filled with white roses, my favorite. The note read:


This is Tanner, your boyfriend called and asked me to pick them up for you. You have a real keeper, don't screw this up!!

                                    -XO Tanner

Tanner has been my best friend since who knows how long. She is an amazing person. I'm glad Harry found out her number and did this. Tanner does have a key to my apartment because she goes to a music school in Portland and lives in the same building. I have a key to her place too. I set my bag down on the coffee table and turned on the radio. Because the boys are eight hours ahead they are in an interview right now. "So Harry who is this lovely lady you have been spotted with?" The host asked him. "Her name is JJ, she is really sweet and kind. A real joy to have around." He made me smile, Louis ten joined in, "She is a massively sick football player." I smiled and turned to grab my phone. I texted Harry, "Love you Babe!! Xoxo -JJ" I heard a laugh on the radio. "Who is texting you Harry?" Zayn asked smartly. "Actually it's JJ, Zayn!!" He just about yelled making me go into a fit of laughter. I then noticed my fish swimming around in her tank, I fed her and went to sit on the couch turning on the television. "So we have conformed the mystery girls name. Her name is JJ Allah. Where she lives is still under protection for her own safety. Is it just me or does Harry seem a lot happier with her than any other girl. Do we have a keeper ladies and gentlemen? I'm Sofia Tall with E-News." I smiled at the thought of Harry being the happiest with me, could it be true? Well I should be getting to bed after I noticed the clock. 12:37 in the morning, the plane ride was longer than I thought. I changed and slid under my covers with a smile.

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