Her Name is JJ

Molly and her friend nicknamed JJ haven't seen each other in almost a year. JJ was a medical student and couldn't ever visit Molly who had moved to London. Will a visit change both of the girls lives?


1. Chapter One

I walked off the plane to find a Molly who was jumping up and down. "Molly calm down!!" She jumped on top of me almost knocking me down. "I just missed you!!" She said climbing of me. "Well I'm also excited for you to meet the fiancé!" She yelled. She has never told me who he was. She said "you have to wait for the awesomeness" so I have never met him or even know his name. "Well lest get to your home so we can meet him." I said poking up my bag. "Him and his friends are at his house so well go there." I nodded as we got into her car. "It's so weird driving on the other side of the road Molly!" I yelled making her jump. We pulled up to a huge house with a gate, closing behind us. "You live here?" I asked her getting out of the car. "Yep!!" Popping the p she said taking my hand. She unlocked the door and we walked in. "Babe I'm home with JJ!!" I heard foot steps that sounded like a heard of elephants. "JJ this is Louis, Louis Tomlinson." I was extremely surprised that she actually met Louis and is going to be married to him. "Louis don't let her go, you have a real keeper. Well hello to all of you I'm Jillian, everybody calls me JJ." I held my hand out for Liam to shake but was engulfed in a hug instead. I got a hug from everybody else but Harry's was exceptionally long. We walked I to the den and the boys took all the seats so I sat on the floor. "So JJ tell us about yourself." Zayn said putting his elbows on his knees. "Well I'm in college right now, studying to be a pediatric nurse. I have know Molly for about eleven years, we were in a play together when we were eight. I live in my own apartment and go to OHSU as my college. That's about it though." I smiled pulling my sleeves over my hands. "Are you dating anybody?" Louis asked getting a hit in the back of the head from Molly. "Nope, I don't really get out much because if school. I'm on break for a couple months." Harry smiled a little to big for comfort. "Boys, JJ wanna go swimming?" Molly asked getting cheers from the boys. I got up and Molly took me to a room to change in. I got changed into my neon pink strapless bikini and wrapped my blue shall around myself. I walked out to the pool being the first one to arrive. "Beautiful night isn't it?" I jumped a bit to find Harry standing behind me. "It really is, it reminds me a lot of Oregon." He walked up to me grabbing my hand, I didn't oblige. "Can I ask you something?" I looked up into his eyes. "Anything." He walked me to the edge of the concrete where it touched the grass. "Why didn't you freak out when you met us? Molly told us how crazy you are about us." I blushed but it was cover by the dark. "I guess I just really like you. I mean it's silly how much I like you even before I met you. Now I realize how much sweeter you are in person." By this time I was standing close to him our eyes locked in each others. He slowly lowered his head to mine our lips softly touching. We moved our  lips in sink and it was full of passion and love. "Whoo!!!" We pulled apart Harry resting his hand on my hips. "JJ!" Molly yelled smiling like an idiot. "In my defense he kissed me!!" I yelled at her making everybody burst into laughter. Harry laced our fingers together as we joined the rest of the group. We hopped in the pool and decided to have chicken fights. I was on Harry's shoulder and Molly was on Louis'. We won 5/5 times. I'm trained in these, when I was a teen I lived in a pool house. "God!! How are you so good at this?" Niall yelled as I got off Harry's shoulders. "Well I don't know why Molly isn't very good at this. She can over to my house all the time, we had an in ground pool and I had four brothers." I got gasps from everybody but Molly. "You have four brothers?" I smiled. "Yes and I'm a twin of a boy. I have two older brothers 25 and 23, my twin is older by ten minuets and my little brother is 14 now. And I'm 19 just in case you were wondering." We all got out of the pool. I think I'm going to like it here while I stay.

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