Zayns Valintine Suprise

It's about zayn and the girl of his dreams and the new person


2. How he told the world



After four days Zayn decided he was going to tell the world.

He first called up the boys and told them to get on twitter and there it said:


Then a picture

He was so excited about the baby and after about a week we had a house full of baby gifts. My favorite was Liam's it was a teddy bear that looked like this

and there was a card that read:


Dear Skyla,

I wish you a happy pregnancy and that you do well in labor

I hope that I'm around for like maybe four hours of screaming

So that I can scream right along with you even though I won't be in the room

so good luck.

p.s. Niall says the first birthday present from him is a cake made from sandwhichs so you should be worried


After reciveving all the gifts me and zayn spent hours on baby names.


Girls:Cammy Kimmy Ann Alice Vipor Aliyah Miley Sobrina Selena Alex Alexis Destiny.

Boys:Brian Kendal Micheal William Zayn jr. Peter Caleb Spencer Jeff Ricky Xavior Daniel.

After thinking we decided to sleep.When we were comfortable he wrapped his arms around my stomach just to hold me and the baby.

I had a doctors opointment tomorrow for my ultra sound and zayns coming with me and I was so excited.

That night I had a really good dream about our family. 








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