Gone (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Abby walks home from school everyday. She feels she's being followed like every other day. Then one day, someone comes up behind her and whispers,"I got you now, Baby" and kidnaps her. Now, She's Gone...


3. The Kiss

Abby's POV

I was hanging out with the guys and they seem really funny. I've been noticing that Zayn's been leaving a lot nowadays.

He always tells me when he's gonna leave and last time we kissed. It was unexpected. I didn't really look forward to that so fast. A lot of things happened too.


I was changing when someone opened the door. I was about to turn around when someone grabbed me from behind and hugged my naked body tight. I turn around to see Zayn. "Shit! Just go away. I'm changing, arsehole!" He smirked and hugged me tighter. I tried to move but he was stronger. 

I pushed him away but he caught my hand and pulled me closer to him. I glared at him. He leaned in and kissed me. I tried to move away but he didn't let me. 

When he noticed that I didn't kiss back, he pulled away. "Kiss me or I'll force you too." When he said that I had too. 

He leaned in and kissed me hard. I hesitated at first but he grabbed my arms and wrapped my arms around his neck. He slid his tongue and we fought for victory. Tears rolled down my eyes. I couldn't do this. 

I felt that he'll hurt me. He grabbed my a$$ and forced me to continue. He layed me down on the bed and kissed my neck. "Zayn, we-" someone entered. We stopped and saw Shane enter. He was absolutely gorgeous. But not as gorgeous as Zayn was. "What?" Zayn asked kinda pissed. "Niall called" "Oh!" He said. He looked at me and walked out the door.

I sat in the room and Shane entered shutting the door. "Hey" he said. "Hi" "So, do you like Zayn?" "Ummm, Maybe I guess" "Well, He loves you a lot" "Cool" Shane came closer. I saw him checking me out. 

I looked away and stood up. He did the same. I was about to leave when he grabbed my hand and whispered,"I want you, Abby." "Woah there!" I said. He pulled me closer. "I'll help you leave if we --" Before he could finish, I saw Zayn enter with A blonde guy with blue eyes. "Shane!" He screamed. "Niall, you wait here, I'll be right back." Zayn grabbed Shane's arm and they both walked out.

"Hello, Love" He said. "Erm, you're Irish?" "Yes." "Oh, my mom too." We talked for a while and I think Niall and I are becoming good friends.

I guess It's not that bad staying here.

~Flashback Over~

I guess Zayn just wants me as a Toy or something. He doesn't seem to be interested. But I have Niall after all.


Hey Guys,

I know It's a crappy chapter.

I'll make a better one soon, I promise











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