Gone (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Abby walks home from school everyday. She feels she's being followed like every other day. Then one day, someone comes up behind her and whispers,"I got you now, Baby" and kidnaps her. Now, She's Gone...


9. Note for being the Manager and Best Friend.

Hey there,

Anyone of you wanna be the manager or Best Friend?

Ok, here's how it goes..

The manager and the best friend are going to play Very IMPORTANT roles.

I'm going to bring Niall in the story later on and The manager is going to be his girl!

As for the Best Friend, She's going to be Louis Girl!

Things I need to know for both the characters-:

1) Your Full name.

2) Your eye color 

3) Hair color

4) Something about yourself.


Thanks all!

Please Comment!



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