Gone (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Abby walks home from school everyday. She feels she's being followed like every other day. Then one day, someone comes up behind her and whispers,"I got you now, Baby" and kidnaps her. Now, She's Gone...


2. Meeting him

Zayn's POV

I walked upstairs to see her squirming. It killed me to see her like that. But, when she saw me, she froze. I took the tape off her mouth and she was silent.

"Why am I here?" "Listen, I kidnapped you because I love you, and yes I sent you those text messages." "You could have just asked me for my number instead." "No." I groaned. "Let's go meet the guys downstairs" I said.

Abby's POV

OMG! He's a freak, but he's so fuckin hot! "My name is Zayn, love" he said in his sexy voice. "Umm yeah hi" I said awkwardly. "This is the gang." he said pointing at them.  There were a lot of guys, many looked scared, except for one, Shane. I guess he's a friend of his. "Guys this is my girlfriend" "Woah there!" I said. "As I told you before, your MINE! Anyways, lets go buy you some clothes sweetheart" 

~Skip Shopping~

I bought a whole bunch of clothes cause Zayn was willing to buy me the whole mall. I found it cute, actually. He made me dye my hair red. I didn't miss my old hair, It was crappy anyway.

After shopping, we sat in the car and Zayn was talking with the guys on phone. I felt bored so I started playing around with stuff in the car.

When we reached home I decided to explore the freaking huge house. I talked to some guys and they were really funny. Maybe it wasn't that bad being here.

I started thinking about Zayn, He was smoking hot and I felt like kissing those plump lips, suddenly I felt like I was falling for my kidnapper.......was I?


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