Gone (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Abby walks home from school everyday. She feels she's being followed like every other day. Then one day, someone comes up behind her and whispers,"I got you now, Baby" and kidnaps her. Now, She's Gone...


1. Kidnapping..

Abby's POV

Today, like every other day, had been boring. I was walking home from school, I only live a couple of blocks away. I had a gut feeling I was being followed again.

I turn around to reassure myself, but all I see is a black van. I've never seen it here before. I try calming myself down and start walking again.

Then I feel someone's footsteps from behind. The footsteps follow me faster. I try walking as fast as I can but no luck. Someone pushes me in the black van and I hear someone whisper,"I got you now, Baby. Don't worry I won't hurt you." he puts a cloth on my mouth and my world gets smaller and smaller until I pass out...

Zayn's POV

YEAHHH! I was so happy that I got her finally! It took me so much time to plan this! All this time of stalking her did help me. I got her now and she's all MINE! I slowly laid her down at my huge mansion and stared at her beautiful face. I'm really rich and I'm proud of that, who wouldn't be? I tied her to the bed, I didn't mean to hurt her but I was afraid she'd run away. I didn't want her getting away.  I mean I love her a lot, I won't hurt her.

I'm talking to the guys right now. If anyone interrupts me, I swear I'll shoot the hell out of them. "Okay Guys, Listen the fuck up! If anyone tries checking her out or tries flirting with her once she gets comfortable here, then I'll pop your brains out!!"

I hear Josh, one of the newbie's in our gang whisper,"Pshh yeah, as if he's gonna get her" I smile and hit him twice on the head and he falls out of the chair. 

I look at the other guys, they nod their heads in response. They all fear me. I smirk...I have one friend, Shane whom I've known for years now and I'm not  afraid to kill him too though. I hear noises upstairs, Looks like my baby is up. ;)


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