Gone (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Abby walks home from school everyday. She feels she's being followed like every other day. Then one day, someone comes up behind her and whispers,"I got you now, Baby" and kidnaps her. Now, She's Gone...


4. Girlfriend


Zayn's POV

I woke up and looked over at a girl lying on my bed. "Woah, where am I?" I said rubbing my eyes. "Last night was amazing." "Wtf! Go away you nasty b!tch..."


I was on top of the building aiming my gun and shot a whole bunch of guys in the other building. I bought a gun because I was keen on learning it, and I did. "Well, well if it isn't Malik."  I triggered my gun and turned around to aim at that person...It was Perrie because I went out with her a long time ago.  "What do you want?" I growled.  I left her because she cheated on me many times and the whore would never keep her legs close.

"You know what I want, Mr. Malik?" "No...I'm not Perrie, I love someone else." :Oh, Abby that boring slut." "Don't you dare say that!"  "Haha." she giggled. "I'll personally kill you, Nasty B!tch." "If we don't do that, then I'll hurt Abby." "No." "Yes, Baby." "Fine, fine don't hurt her."  "Good Idea, Malik....Boys will be boys." she said. 

I would personally never hurt Abby. She's my everything. I love her to death. I know that finding this out will  make her hurt, I would never do that to her EVER again.


I grab the gun and trigger it at her, "Die B!tch." I scream. I push the trigger but she runs away saying,"Later, Zayn, Later"

I walk around my house and find Abby lying on the bed. "Hey, sweetheart!" "Don't talk to me, Zayn." "Why?" "You're a dick, thats why." She said. If she wasn't Abby, then I would have smacked her right on her face. "I hate you, Zayn...you played me" "What?" "Shane told me." "Oh...Shane." I said growling.

Tears streamed down her face. I held her in my arms and I explained to her the reason.

"Wait, so you tried killing her, for me?" "Yes, Love." She smiled. "I would never do that again, I just wanted to protect you." 

She giggled.

"Can I tell you something, Abby." "Yeah..." "I love you soo much, Will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes, Yes I will. She smiled and I smashed my lips onto hers and we kissed...It seemed like hours.

"You're one in a million, Abby." I whispered as we cuddled together the rest of the day.

We're now officially together.
















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