Imagine For midirectioner

Imagine for midirectioner.

****If you want your own imagine with One Direction, just comment on one of my movellas, I will do them all. Just write your hair and eye colours, and the boy you want. Oh, and your name.****


1. Imagine for midirectioner

I have been dating Niall for a while now. It seems like our relationship is getting a little boring though. I run to the bathroom and tie my redish-brown hair up in a ponytail, and put on some of Niall's sweatpants. We'd been living together in this flat for a long time, since we first met, practically. Our relationship is moving at record pace, and I just love it. I walk out to the kitchen, almost slipping and falling over my dog, Buddy. He growls and walks away. I just roll my eyes and walk over to put some tea on the stove to heat the water. As I set the tea kettle on the stove, my phone buzzes in Niall's sweatpants pocket. I reached into the pocket to get the phone, seeing the message light up on the screen as "Nialler xx". I smile and unlock my phone, sliding my thumb across the screen. The message lights up before my eyes.

Niall: Babe, practice cut short. Heading home. Movie night? xx

I dont hesitate to write back, he'll get worried if I do. I slide my thumb across the screen again and type back to him, a smile planted on my face.

Me: Sounds great babe, you grab movies and I make popcorn? xx

Niall writes back instantly, making me giggle. Like he was anxiously waiting for my reply.

Niall: Sounds good to me :) xx

I dont write back, instead, I make a couple bags of popcorn, listening to the popping inside the microwave. The whole kitchen smells like popcorn butter, and it is one of the best smells in the world. I take the popcorn out as the microwave beeps and drop the bag, it almost burning my fingers. I have to wait for it... I have to wait for it to cool down. I giggle at my own stupidity, as Niall walks in the door.

"Hey, babe." Niall says, "Those my sweatpants?" He asks, with a mischevious smile. I nod, and pick the popcorn back up.

"Yes they are, and this is really hot after being in the microwave..." I say, opening the bag.

"Yes, yes it is. Okay, I got a few movies, and I think you'll like them." He says, and smiles. He hands me the movies and moves to take over the popcorn, licking his lips. He pops a few pieces into his mouth and watches me look over the movies. I look at the three movies he had picked up. One way "Paranormal Activity 4" another was "The Script" and the third was "Ted.". I smile at him, which he returned. He grabbed my hand, and the popcorn bowl, and we walked into the living room. He put a movie into the player, I didnt know which one. He hadnt told me yet. I saw the green copy-rights screen pop up and I smiled, cuddling into Niall as he sat down on the couch next to me. The movie started and I saw it was Ted. I smiled as it started, feeling Niall set his head on my shoulder, his blonde locks ticking my neck. About halfway through the movie, I heard Niall snoring a little. I giggled, and moved out of his way quickly, he was asleep. I got up and went to get a marker. I giggled looking over at Niall, who had fallen asleep with his hand in the popcorn bowl. I ran out to the kitchen, nearly killing Buddy again, and I whispered my sorry's. I grabbed a washable marker and walked back out to Niall. I looked at him, and he was smiling up at me, he was faking.

"I knew you would draw on my face the second I fell asleep." Niall says, and I giggle. I hide the marker behind my back.

"With what marker? I got up to get a napkin..." I say, and I made sure it sounded really fake and like bad acting. He smiled as he got up and wrapped me in a hug. His cologne was so strong, it smelled so good as the smell of Niall overtook me.

"Do you still want to draw on my face?" He asks, and I nod. He knows I always nod instead of answering so he steps back. "Go ahead." He says, and I smile, uncapping the marker. I draw a little mustache on his face and combine his eyebrows with the washable red marker, and he chuckles. I cant help but smile at his laugh, it was so perfect. I set the marker down next to the popcorn bowl on the table and we both go to look in the mirror. He smiles at his reflection. 

"You're evil." He says, and I giggle. 

"Well, I guess so." I say, and he picks me up in a hug. I wrap my legs around his waist and he carries us back out to the couch.

"So, is this moment perfect?" Niall asks me, and I nod. 

"Every moment with you is perfect, Niall." I say, and he smiles again. 

"Okay, so, uh, do you want to make sure these perfect moments never end?" He asks, and I question him with a look. I nod and smile. He digs around in his pocket and pulls out a little container. He suddenly drops down to get on one knee and I cant help but smile and probably look like an idiot. He smiles at me, and opens the container, showing the most beautiful diamond ring ever.

"Okay, so, Raven, will you marry me? Will you be Mrs. Horan?" He asks. His gaze is locked on mine and I dont hesitate to answer him.

"Yes, I will" I almost scream and I jump up to hug him. He picks me up and spins me around before we sit back down on the couch.

"Now this moment is perfect." He says, burying his head into my neck as he cuddles into me. I smile, and nod. 

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