Imagines with One Direction

Just send me any info you want in your story. These I know ill need..
*Boy you want
*Eye Color
Thanks loves <3


2. Zayn for Rhea: Party of my Life

*Zayn's POV*

I saw her, she was beautiful. I saw her eyes and my insides melted. She was amazing, and I didn't even know her yet. I wove through the crowds of people hoping to get close enough to talk to her. "Hey!" I yell in her direction and she looks towards me, smiling. She points to the less-crowded balcony and we both head that way.

*Rhea's POV*

We get out onto the balcony and he stands quite close to me. "So, why is a beautiful girl like you here alone."

"Oh, you know, just mingling." Wow, that was smooth.

"So, that's what everyone does. You're not here waiting for someone?"

" Nope, I'm all by myself."

"So it's okay if I do this," and he kisses me softly. Way to move fast.

"So, Miss Pretty. To do anything else, I might need to ask you your name."




For Rhea, hope it was okay :)


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