Imagines with One Direction

Just send me any info you want in your story. These I know ill need..
*Boy you want
*Eye Color
Thanks loves <3


4. Niall for Katie: My Dream Come True

Finally, my dream was coming true. I had made it to the live shows on X-Factor, and we were about to meet our first mentors. In walks, of all people, One Direction. I was fangirling a lot in my head. We were talking to them and I kept seeing Niall look at me. We kept making weird faces at each other and I was trying to flirt. After all, who wouldn't with One Direction in the room! Everyone else gets up and leaves the room, everyone except me and Niall.

"H-Hey" Ugh, why do I stutter when i'm talking to a guy!

" Hi, I just wanted to give you this. But I must go catch up with the other boys. Bye!" he gives me a little hug and leaves.

I open this piece of paper to see a phone number. I die inside. Niall Horan gave me his number. I pull out my cell and text him.' hey nialler :)'

He responds ' hey Katie. I know this is fast, but from the moment I saw you, I knew you are my princess. Would you wanna go on a date sometimes?? Xx'

I smile, and you know what I said next.

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